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How to Have a Distinguished Backyard in the Neighbourhood?

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Why does John’s backyard always look cleaner and fancier? If you’ve found yourself asking this question (well, maybe not about John), it’s time for a change. Time for you to show the full potential of your property as well as your creativity.

1. Make Your Backyard a Plant Haven

Adding garden arbors, arches, and potted plants breathes life into a backyard. Both physically and aesthetically. We don’t have to tell you about the numerous health benefits of having plants around. A garden arbor adds a touch of elegance to the surrounding area when well-placed. Be careful not to overdo it, as it can lead to nasty mosquito problems. 

2. Designate Spaces

Designating specific spaces for each part of the yard allows you, your friends & family to navigate when arriving for a garden party. What it also does is establish cohesion inside the yard. You can use a lot of stuff to designate the spaces. Wood, stones, and even rugs are all delicate zone establishers. 

3. Make it an Extension of Your House.

Extending your living quarters to a portion of your backyard is an excellent way of using space. It’s also a lifestyle changer since you have another room in your house, only outside of it.

4. Lighting

So far, we’ve only talked about daytime upgrades. Let’s talk about some night-time ones too. Having a yard filled with lights to illuminate the path is an addition that makes your yard look like a fairy tale house. It becomes all the more stylish when adding hanging lanterns attached with strings all over the yard and possibly the house.  

5. Use Bold Colors

If you want to stand out, use bold colors. Grey furniture with a black-painted pergola adds a unique industrial style. Feel free to mix it up with some light stains. We strongly advise that you do so. It offers a beautiful yin and yang mix that perfectly complements each other.

6. Outdoor Bar

When you’re all set for a relaxing day and can’t be bothered to walk indoors whenever you want to make or get a drink, this is the perfect thing for you. It’s a fancy addition that your guests will also be thankful for it.

7. Backyard Dining Area

Eating outside, fully bathed in the sunlight and fresh air, is a beautiful thing to behold. For those night lovers, it can also be a great idea for outdoor dinners. All you need to do is add some lighting with candles, lanterns, or light bulbs, and you’re set to go.

8. Get a Mega Pergola

What’s better than a pergola? A bigger pergola! Jokes aside, provided you have the funds, constructing a big pergola that surrounds your yard makes it look like a castle. Hanging plants, lanterns, and others make it a magnificent work. Having the whole family around for an outdoor meal under the mega pergola is almost movie-like. Constructing one is a hassle, though. With these giant constructions, DIY is better because it’s cheaper. Many things can go wrong, costing you valuable money and time. Hire pergola installers to build it properly so that such fundamental issues do not occur later. Invest more so that you can avoid losing a lot more later. Not every pergola has to encompass the entire yard. Consider experimenting with a corner pergola and see if it suits your needs. They are cheap, look good, and have beautiful decorations.

9. Swings

Swings add a whimsical aura and are a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

10. Curtains

Thin or thick, curtains are an elegant addition to your backyard. Attaching them to pergolas is the best way of utilizing them for a romantic atmosphere.

11. Pool

Adding a pool in your yard is expensive, complex, and requires time and effort. That being said, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who look at the requirements and say: “I can manage it.” A pool is the ultimate relaxation and entertainment addition to your house. Not to mention that it looks fantastic. If you want to get a collection but are on a budget, consider getting an inflatable one first, it’s a great way of testing out if you wish to commit to a fully built-in one.

12. Find a New Purpose for Used Materials 

Recycling is good for the planet, but can it be fashionable? Yes, it can! Using old materials like wood, clips, furniture, boots, etc., as outdoor décor, you don’t have to spend a dime! All it takes is some creativity and innovative thinking.

13. Flag Banners of the World

Want a unique international atmosphere? Get some string banners of country flags and hang them around your yard. With a special and sophisticated touch, it also offers a welcoming atmosphere in any household. 

14. Build a Miniature Fountain

If you think every fountain has to be like the ones you see in a mansion, you are wrong. An innovative mind can build a rush out of used materials and make it look aesthetically pleasing. Build it on a 60cm x 60cm patch of land. Recycle old materials and use plants and rocks to add life to the fountain.


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