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How to grow aloe vera indoors?

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Grow aloe vera indoors: You don’t have to run to the store or pharmacy for the delicious taste and refreshing aroma of aloe vera. You can grow one of the most popular plants in the world right in the apartment.

There may be various reasons for growing aloe vera. While one seeks it because of its scent, another sees it as a healing source. Others appreciate its decorative function or ability to clean the air in the room. Whatever the reason, thanks to proven tips on how to grow it, this plant can also feel at home with you.

grow aloe vera indoors: Where did aloe vera come from and why is it grown?

  • It is a desert plant, which is known for dozens of different species.
  • Areas of original occurrence include Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Its healing effects have been used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
  • In South America, aloe juice is considered the elixir of youth.
  • Due to its ornamental function and healing effects, it is grown all over the world.
  • At present, it is mainly used for the production of juices and natural cosmetics.

grow aloe vera indoors: How to grow aloe vera in the apartment?


If aloe vera is to grow in an apartment, it will need enough light for healthy growth. It should be placed in the brightest room, ideally somewhere close to the window. If she is not outside, she will not mind the direct impact of the sun’s rays, on the contrary. At least a few hours of sunshine a day is vital to her.


The location in a well-lit place is also related to the need for a higher temperature. Temperatures above 20 ° C are perfect for her. Although she can survive in colder rooms, they could hinder her growth or weaken her immunity. Even in winter, however, the room temperature should not fall below 15 ° C.

Soil type

The thermophilicity of this plant will also be confirmed by selecting a suitable soil. It thrives best in sandy substrates in which cacti are grown. The condition is that the soil is dry or slightly moistened during planting. Aloe vera has sensitive roots that need to be hardened after planting, which wet soil would prevent.

grow aloe vera indoors: How to care for aloe vera after its withdrawal?


Frequent watering of aloe vera is not necessary. As thermophilic, resp. the drought-tolerant plant suffices with occasional watering, for example once every 2 to 3 weeks. In winter, it is even enough to water it once a month. He keeps enough water in his leaves, which he gradually consumes.


There is no need to overdo it with fertilizer. It should be highly nutritious. The mineral type of fertilizer in liquid form will be ideal. In summer, it is enough to use it once, at most twice a month, and you can apply it at the same time as watering. Fertilization is not necessary at all during the winter.


As far as you can grow aloe vera in an apartment, you can propagate this plant yourself. In addition to planting the seeds, propagation is also possible by cuttings. These should be pruned from a plant older than 2 years, preferably sometime during the summer. After cutting, let them dry for 2 to 3 days and then place them in the prepared substrate.

How to squeeze juice from leaves?

Coarse fleshy leaves are a rich source of medicinal juice, respectively. gel. You get this by cutting off one of the coarsest lower leaves, washing it and placing it on a plate, where you leave it so that as much juice as possible flows out of it. After the juice, extract the gel. To do this, it is necessary to cut off the outer cover of the sheet under which this gel is hidden. Then remove it with a spoon and use it as needed.


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