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How to give a girl a luxurious facial massage with the kneading technique?

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How to give a girl a luxurious facial massage with the kneading technique?

When we talk about the “kneading technique” in massage, we know that it is a much deeper and more specific form of “kneading” than the gentler “Effleurage” that is used in many parts of the body. This may imply that kneading is not suitable for a somewhat sensitive and sensitive area such as the face, but it is not. Anyone can use simple flat kneading motions to improve the condition of facial muscles and significantly improve blood circulation. Spa in Bur Dubai

It also allows you to first assess the condition of the skin of the face and neck. In fact, a facial massage is a perfect time to apply specialized skincare products that have specific results. For example, a person who wants to tighten the skin on her neck and also use a treatment that reduces the lines on her forehead should discuss this with the provider before starting the massage. The way the massage relaxes and warms the skin makes it a good time to use these special treatments for optimal results. Spa in Bur Dubai

For the main tenant, it is important to note that a massage

Main tenant, it is important to note that a massage of the eye and of the jamais commencer par quelque chose d’aussi intense que les techniques de petrissage et qu’au moins five minutes d’effleurage standard sont necessary Aires pour hydrate la peau et defender correctement the muscles. This means that the provider should comfortably place the receiver on the massage table or chair and use a very basic moisturizer to apply smooth, slippery movements up from the neck, up and down the cheeks, gently on the face. Crest of the eyes and eyebrows, and in ascending strokes on the forehead.

This kneading begins in the neck area and the provider will use three or four fingers to make smoother circular motions. They will need to make several passes along the neck to make sure the entire surface has been treated, and then they can move to the jaw and cheeks on either side of the face. The hands can then be placed on either side of the nose and follow the cheekbones up and around the outer edge of the rim of the eyes, the last areas being the brow and forehead areas. The process is completed with a light finishing touch to relax and cool down the muscles.

How to give a man a chest and neck massage using the fist technique?

The massage technique is known as “Knuckling” involves using the second pair of knuckles instead of the fingertips to apply pressure to the area being massaged, and the hand takes the form of a loose fist. When using it on a man’s chest and neck, it is important to agree before starting on the amount or level of pressure that makes him feel most comfortable.

The receiver should be lying on his back and his arms should be in a comfortable position at the sides. The masseur or masseur should be to the left or right of the receiver and work across the chest and up. Before starting this massage, it is important to apply oil to the chest, shoulders, and neck.

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The Knuckling technique is not used at the beginning of the procedure, but a gentler Effleurage is performed on the upper chest and gently worked up with the hands, completing the process at the base of the skull. It should be played four or five times in this manner before beginning more intense work. The knuckles are then performed on the chest and shoulders and are strictly based on controlled circular motions at a level of intensity comfortable for the receiver. The neck joint is a bit different and requires the head to be turned to one side, and only three fingers are used to stroke the muscles that run along the top of the shoulder and down the side of the neck. Spa in Bur Dubai

To perform a chest and neck massage

To perform a chest and neck massage, several other cuff-less techniques are required, including manual stretching of the neck, shoulders, and upper chest using the receiver’s body weight. All these messages must also be complemented by the same Effleurage strokes that opened the whole process.

When used in a traditional neck and chest massage, the Knuckling technique tends to release a lot of tension. Contact between the recipient and the provider must be continuously maintained to maintain relaxation at its most intense levels. Massage Center in Al Wasl

Smooth transitions between techniques are also extremely important for success, and if the receiver struggles, they should ask if the knuckling is causing any discomfort or pain. If they indicate that this is the case, you should switch to a less intense pressure with the knuckles but without stopping completely, as this will cause cramps or increased muscle tension.


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