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How to get the most out of your company’s Twitter

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There are many small and medium sized companies that decide to create their profile on social networks like Twitter when they start their activities, however, do they really know how to get the most out of me?

With more than 300 million active users every month and its growth potential, as experts, we will tell you that it is important to exist but also to know how to use it. It can help keep followers informed of news and promotions. , Customer testimonials, press presentations; To communicate with them and resolve doubts, complaints or queries.

So if you have reached our blog, whether you are a business or SME owner, we will contact you because we are going to tell you how you can start using Twitter!

  1. The first step is to create a Twitter account for companies, that is, we access Twitter.com and enter the data it requests, such as email, password, etc.
  2. Next, it will ask us for a username that can contain up to 15 characters. This may be our first headache here because sometimes it is difficult to choose only with these characters and it is not already in use. Always try to be closer to your company name.
  3. Biography, its description (also limited by the number of characters: 160) in which we have to write who we are and what they will look for in our profile as well as contact information such as our website, telephone number or our business In hours
  4. The profile photo will be the image of our presentation so we can choose the logo or the image that is directly related to our profile.
  5. The cover image will be the same as the one at the top of the large size and we can use it as an advertising poster so that we can change it from time to time with different messages, promotions, news. According to each season

Once we’ve got the basics out there, it’s time to tweet and understand how Twitter works. If you still can’t get it it’s better to take counselling from any social media marketing services agency.

Key features of Twitter:

Timeline: This is the homepage of the social network where the tweets of the profiles you follow appear in chronological order and let us know the tweets of your competition and the field in which we work.

Tweets: These are the messages themselves that have been launched in social networks in which we use hashtags which are keywords for search and users to use with s. For example:

Reply: This is the functionality that should be used in response to someone’s tweet.

Retweet is a way to share and visualize a post so that it automatically appears on our profile.

I like: This is a heart-shaped icon indicating that the contents are of interest to us.

Labels: These are hashtags that are used to organize conversations by topic and thus allow us to search within social networks. For that we put #. Some examples might be #Mother’sDay #car

Mention: This is when we can go to another profile after username using and establish a conversation like this.

Private Message: This is another form of communication but as the word implies it is private.

Want to know more about the capabilities of Twitter? We will continue another article, so follow all the news we publish on Epha Tech


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