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How To Get Asbestos Tested By A Professional At Home

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An Asbestos Tested professional who is trained and accredited can carry out two types of operations if the asbestos-containing material has been damaged or could be disturbed more than slightly: removal and repair.

Asbestos Tested material is usually sealed or covered during repair. Whenever asbestos is repaired, it remains intact.

  • In encapsulating or sealing asbestos fibers are bound together or encapsulated in a sealant that is applied to prevent the fibers from escaping. These methods can sometimes be used to repair the insulation in pipes, furnaces, and boilers. Only asbestos-trained professionals should handle this.
  • To prevent asbestos fibers from escaping, the material containing asbestos is covered or enclosed. Protective wraps or jackets can be used to cover exposed insulated piping.

You may have to remove asbestos-containing material when remodeling your home or making other major changes. Furthermore, asbestos-containing material may need to be removed if it is damaged extensively and is not repairable. Only an asbestos professional can safely remove asbestos. Asbestos fibers can actually be released into the air if the removal is not done properly and hence, an indoor air quality analysis needs to be carried out as well.

Who Are Asbestos Professionals and What Can They Do?

Accredited Asbestos Tested professionals that handle asbestos-containing materials can generally be divided into two types:

  • Inspectors who deal with Asbestos Tested. Asbestos testing and inspection of a building or home, assessment of conditions, taking samples of suspected materials, and advising on what corrections are necessary are some of the services these professionals provide. Inspectors can verify whether a contractor followed the corrective-action contract procedures, such as clean-up procedures, and ensure that asbestos fibers are not being released into the air as a result of repairs or removals.
  • Contractors that deal with asbestos. Asbestos materials can be repaired or removed by these professionals.

In single-family homes, asbestos-containing materials need not be inspected or repaired by persons who are accredited and trained. Both the state and local laws however, may require this. Workers handling asbestos should be trained and accredited in order to ensure the safety of the homeowner.

What to Know About Asbestos Professional Before Hiring One

  • You must not allow a conflict of interest to arise. When an asbestos expert is hired to determine if asbestos needs to be repaired or removed, he or she should not be associated with the asbestos company that performs the work. A conflict of interest can be avoided by using two separate firms.
  • Make sure asbestos professionals have evidence of training approved by the federal or state government. Asbestos work should only be performed by people with suitable accreditations.
  • Your local agency for worker safety, your local air pollution control board, and the Better Business Bureau are all good resources for checking out an asbestos professional’s performance in the past. Obtain information about safety violations committed by the firm. You may wish to find out if it is the subject of legal proceedings.

A Professional Asbestos Inspector Can Help You

  • Inspect the building thoroughly visually as well as collecting and analysing samples in the lab.
  • A written assessment of asbestos presence should describe the extent of the damage, its location, and any recommendations for its removal. A check will be conducted by the inspector after the correction to ensure the facility has been properly cleaned.


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