How to Get admitted in a Good Medical College in India

PG in UK after MBBS in India is among the most highly sought after degrees by Indian medical students. In fact, it is amongst the top degree programmes around the world. The high demand and the very attractive nature of this course have made it hugely popular with medical professionals across the globe. If you’re thinking of enrolling into a PG in UK, below are the main reasons to opt for this degree.

Language Assignments – The very attractive nature of PG in UK makes it immensely popular with medical professionals across the world. For those looking forward to a fruitful career in Indian medicine, the very first step is to complete a degree in any other country, but if you’re looking forward to a career in Indian surgery, you need to get cleared by the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). After that you can look forward to join an institute of higher learning (usually a good university) in India, and take up your PG in India after that. With so many internships available in various hospitals in India, you will also get the opportunity to experience the local culture and lifestyle. In addition to that, the excellent quality of education offered by Indian institutions of higher learning make it a dream option for many.

PG in UK after MBBS from India – You will not only gain valuable work experience in a hospital here, but also the chance to work as an intern in a renowned institute of medicine in India. This experience can further help you get a better job and rise through the ranks as a doctor. For the Internship in India, the LSE offers many placement options for students. These include placements in a variety of hospitals, research facilities, teaching hospitals, business establishments etc.

There are various other options for working in India after completing your PG in UK. One is the Specialty Training in India. In this type of arrangement you will get the chance to complete your post-graduate diploma in the field of your choice. This could be a specialized course like pathology, cardiology, radiology, imaging or even speech therapy. But you’ll only be paid while you do the internships in the respective institutions, so if you don’t find a placement immediately you will have to wait until you get a job. In the course of your specialty training you’ll learn the practical side of a particular medical practice like medical administration, pharmacy or medical administration, so you’ll be prepared to start working as soon as you complete your PG in UK.

The benefit of PG in UK after MBBS from India is that you will also get the opportunity to go to an ex-studio study abroad in India for your master’s degree. Many medical professionals already have their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in their native country and therefore, opt for an internship here to enhance their chances of gaining more jobs and better pay in the future. You will not only gain relevant work experience in India but also get exposure to fresh career prospects. You will also be able to compare the wages of various medical practitioners in their respective field of expertise.

For those students who are eligible for admission into the UK school of medicine, they should do all they can to secure an entrance exam, which allows them to sit for examinations from abroad. This is because a PG in UK exam is not conducted over the traditional examination dates, like Exams UK. The exams take place on the weekends, so the students have to be prepared both mentally and physically to participate in the exam. However, the entrance exam test is not very hard and once you pass it, you will be well on your way to taking admission to any good medical college in India. For further information about the medical colleges in India and their rankings, their terms and conditions of admission and other important details, you can browse their websites.

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