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How to fix the Search box gone black in Windows 10?

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A few windows heads have claimed a problem with the windows search box is not worked accurately. Afterward, press the Windows key. We are directed to search results on the machine, but most of the people are stick with the black and unhelpful Windows search box. If you have faced the issues then it’s not only you. Here comes the good news that we share easy fixes to get rid of the mess.

The issue is related to Microsoft not to your current user device. The company claims that it’s a temporary server issue that causes windows search box to black. The issues are sorted for many users but in some circumstances, there is a need to restart the device. Let’s have a look at a few paramount ways to fix a similar error in no time-

Windows troubleshooter

Microsoft windows troubleshooter can fix this problem or if it’s not under Microsoft hands then you are redirected in a great direction to learn how to solve it. More than that, you know what the actual problem is. The similar you opt for relevant solution works efficiently. 

  • Go to the troubleshooter by open the start and go to settings.
  • Next, go to update and security or troubleshoot or search and indexing.
  • Tap on run troubleshooter to get details. 

How to fix windows black search box?

Most Windows users reported search box has changed black or doesn’t work. This problem is related to Microsoft’s shifted search from conventional to new-angled. Additionally, the search box is not simply working and how is it feasible. Windows 10 has switched to black and now what you have to do to fix this mess. 

The headmost answer is very simple; there is no need to do anything. Microsoft is reaching your device and screw up the search function. It’s a kind of error that is sorted by reboot your device or if it’s not then follow these listed details-

If you still have any doubt or facing the issue then follow the simple quick-fix. Do press CTRL+Shift+Esc to go to task manager. Next, you have to click on details or check out the searchUI.exe or searchApp.exe procedure. Now, tap to end the process or restart the device again. You can use the search box with any server or technical circumstances. The fix has worked appropriately for me. 

Apart from this, you can check out easy-to-follow steps of disabling searchapp.exe in windows 10. Many heads are facing problems to disable searchapp.exe. This will restart after windows are started again. Here, we list easy-to-use steps in this article to fix the issue lastingly. 


Windows 10 has claimed several errors with new updates or by the time. The pinpoint facts would help sort windows black search box. Right now, you can use the Windows 10 search box accurately to do multiple searching tasks in a minute. However, the black search screen is not popped-up in windows 10.


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