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How to fix the Norton installation issue?

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Whenever you search for a reliable security program; Norton is always the first recommendation. This security program is available for all platforms. You can go to the Norton site and purchase the program directly. It is also available at retail. After buying the license, you can download the setup on your device easily. But few users face various issues while installing Norton programs on the system.

Always check compatibility before installing the program

People face installation errors when the setup is incompatible. Norton is available for almost all devices. But the Norton set-up for one device can be different from another. These programs are designed for different device specifications. Devices can have different RAM, processor, and OS. Before purchasing the Norton setup for the system, you must check the device specifications. Now, go to the Norton website and check for the compatible setup. If you try to install the incompatible setup then an error will appear. You have to install the compatible Norton program. Cancel the incompatible Norton license and purchase the compatible one.

Check the disk space

The program will show the installation error when the hard disk space is low. Applications require disk space for proper installation and functioning. When the program is not installing; check the space. Go to the device and inspect your free hard disk. When the space is very low, add new space. Use SSD, for increasing the space. Users can also transfer the data to external HD and free disk space. Another good solution for increasing space is by removing large files. Users often install big programs like games or editing software programs. These programs acquire lots of space. You can remove these programs from the system and can get good space. Open the device and go to your apps folder. Remove all unnecessary and large programs from the device. Restart the computer and check the space. Now you can try to install your Norton antivirus.

Remove all junk

While installing the setup, if you are getting the Norton error 8504 104 then check for junk files. People get this error when the temporary files are corrupting the setup. You have to clean the device before installing any program. Open the computer and go to your temp file folder. Delete all the files from the folder. Now, open the C or D drive and check for any junk files. When you are using the Windows device, use the junk cleaner tool. Windows offers an inbuilt tool for cleaning the device. Open the command screen on your system and type cleanmgr. Press the Enter button and this tool will start running. Users will see a list of files to remove. Go to the checkboxes and select the files to delete. After cleaning all junk files, go to Norton setup and try to install it on the system.

Redownload the Norton setup

The user gets the installation error wizard when he is trying to install the incomplete or corrupted setup. While downloading the setup, if the internet connection is not stable; the setup will not download correctly. You have to download the correct setup for the device. Connect the system to a good network and open your Norton account to re-download the setup. After downloading the correct setup; try installing it.

Transfer the Norton setup on the same platform

When you want to use the Norton setup on another device then you can transfer the license. After transferring; you can use the Norton program on your new device. The Norton setup on the old system will expire. Some people reported that they are getting errors while transferring the license. You get the installation error when you are transferring the license to another platform. If you have a Windows Norton plan then you can transfer it to the Windows device only. If you want to use Norton on another platform then get a new setup. Users can also go for the multi-license setup. You can install the setup into various devices with different platforms.

Remove another security program

When Norton is showing an installation error then go to the device and check for existing antivirus setup. If you have an expired setup of Norton or any program then go to the device and uninstall it immediately and delete all related files. Reopen the device and reinstall Norton setup reliably.


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