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How To Fix Carpet Burns in Brisbane – Large and Small Burnt Spots

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As we are rushing into our busy days, frantically trying to finish everything, accidents tend to happen, right? As we reach to pick up an important call or run to get some errands done, we may accidentally knock down a hot hair straightener or iron off the ironing board or countertop and straight onto the flooring. Do not panic or immediately pick up the phone to call a professional carpet burn repair in Brisbane company. Here are a few tips to fix carpet burns in Brisbane without any professional help.

Carpet Burn Repair

Unfortunately, burn marks on the carpet from the curling iron or cigarettes are not stains that can be cleaned away using special products. Carpet burns permanently damage your carpet. Read the following tips on how to repair burn damage, just like a professional carpet burn repair service provider.

How to Get Small Burns out of the Carpet?

For smaller burns, like those from a cigarette, follow these steps of carpet repair services without any hassle.

Step By Step Instructions to Fix the Issue Like a Carpet Burn Repair Service Provider

  • Smooth the damaged spot using fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Vacuum the debris and dust accumulated over the damaged area.
  • Use scissors to trim the remaining charred fibers.
  • Puck carpet fibers from a hidden spot and glue them over the damaged area.
  • Allow carpet glue to dry and then comb the area to blend the fibers with the rest of the carpet.

How to Get Large Burns Out of the Carpet?

If you have a larger carpet burn, like that from a dropped hot iron or spluttering coal, you will need to replace the damaged part of the carpet with a new piece.

Material required

  • Vacuum
  • A matching carpet or a carpet piece from a hidden spot
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Carpet tape
  • Comb
Carpet Repair Services

Step By Step Instructions to Fix Burn Carpet Like an Expert Carpet Burn Repair Brisbane Technician

  • Use a sharp scissor and cut out the burned part of the carpet.
  • Clean the damaged part using a mild detergent and rinse it.
  • Cut a piece of scrap carpet, ensure that it is larger than the burnt spot. To help it blend in, ensure that the colour and pile direction match.
  • Place the new piece of carpet over the burned area.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut around the edges. Practice caution while cutting and stop before you get to the carpet padding. 
  • Remove the damaged piece of the carpet out. Position the new section and make sure it fits perfectly. If not, then trim the edges until it fits firmly.
  • Use carpet glue or double-sided seam tape to stick the fresh carpet piece. Apply a few drops of adhesive to the carpet and the damaged area, and gently press the pieces together. Let it dry for several hours before using it.
  • Once the carpet is dried, comb the fibers to bend in the old and new carpet patch.

So, there you have it step by step guide on how to fix carpet burns in Brisbane. If you still feel that you may damage the carpet while repairing it? Then hiring a professional would be the best option.


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