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How To Find Your Car Paint Colour Code?

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Today the automobiles come in a variety of colours, including the custom colours that the car owners pay to give a unique touch to the car. What about the colour fixing that needs to be done after the car get smashed? If you do not get the exact code of the colour, the fixed colour would appear as the patch of the different shades of colour. On the other hand, Melbourne smash repairs would provide you with the benefit of getting the seamless colour fixing of the car paint.

But how do the Melbourne smash repairs professionals do it? How can they find the exact same colour of the car’s exterior paint? Here are some of the methods that make it easier for the Essendon smash repair experts to find the colour code of the car paint.

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VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Check the vehicle information number, or VIN, if the car information sticker has been removed or if the information has faded on an older automobile. The VIN is an alphanumeric code that is specific to the make and model of the vehicle. The country where the car was constructed, the manufacturer’s code, the car’s make, the restraint system, and the series are all included in a standard VIN. The body style, engine type, model year, plant code, and other details about the vehicle are also mentioned.

Crucial information placard in the car

There’s a sign affixed to the frame somewhere within your automobile that displays important vehicle information. It’s the same placard you use to check your tyre pressure, as well as other information like the car’s brand, model, and trim level. The car colour code is frequently found there as well.

The difficulty here is identifying the placard, as its location varies depending on the car brand. It can also be found in the door jamb. Alternatively, it might be hidden beneath the hood or inside the boot.

Car Manual Colour

Your owner’s manual will also have your car’s colour code. The simplest approach to determine your car’s colour code is to consult the owner’s manual. If you’ve misplaced it or purchased a used car without one, the simple option is to seek it online.

Making a note of your colour code will make finding the proper automobile paint, one that will match your car exactly, much easier. You may find it hard to fetch the information of the car paint code on the manual, but the effort is worth it as you would get the exact match of the paint for fixing the damaged exterior paint patched on the car.

Your car is your valuable asset; you do not want to lose the value of the car just by assuming the colour of the car and getting the colour that looks similar. Finding a reliable and experience Melbourne smash repairs professional would not just provide you quality services, but these services would also maintain the condition of the car for a long time.


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