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How To Find The Perfect Dress In The Best Colors For A Neutral Skin Tone

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Before descending into the best colors for neutral skin tone, it’s essential to know what skin tone is. What comes straight to your mind when you think of skin tone? It is not just a synonym of skin color and not even a shade of your skin. It’s your skin’s undertone.

Knowing your skin’s tone will help you determine the best colors in the dress. If you have a neutral skin undertone like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, you have the widest color palette. Know how many options online clothing boutique offers you for natural skin tones.

What is a skin undertone?  

There are three primary undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. It’s vital to know your skin tone not just because it helps you select the right base but also to opt for better style choices. Your undertones are the colors that appear from beneath the surface of the skin affecting its hue. It doesn’t matter if your tone is dark, light, or anywhere in between. 

Cool: Traces of blue or pink complexion are characterized as cool undertones.  

Warm: Traces of peach, yellow or golden complexion are characterized as warm undertones. 

Neutral: It does not have any apparent color of its own. Skin’s natural color takes precedence.

Best color for neutral skin tone

You are now familiar that you have a neutral undertone, so the next step is to determine your best dress color. You will be amazed that people with neutral undertones have a wide range of complementary colors to style than anyone else. Usually, you can get away with styling with almost anything on the color spectrum, but you can emphasize softer shades. 

For example, colors like dusty blush, champagne, mint, and blue look incredible on someone with a neutral skin tone. They are bright and vibrant without being overpowering and usually the best colors for people with neutral skin tones.

Can someone with a neutral tone style neutral hue outfits? Its obvious question comes to our mind, and it’s pretty fair. But fortunately, the answer is a big YES! Neutrals will work on neutral undertones if you emphasize the right neutral shades. Our online boutique has super trendy and comfortable work outfits for women in neutral shades. Mid-range grays, off-whites work well. Of course, trendy black dresses are always safe to bet on.

Some hues work universally!

Some dresses work well, mainly black! Almost anyone can pull them off as they are universal. Let’s say a few examples are light pinks, bright reds, and deep purples. There is no specific reason why certain colors just work, but they do! 

Are you looking for something bold to try if your skin tone is neutral? Try donning these burgundy top-style distressed jeans for your next party. It is one of the timeless colors and flatters almost any wearer. The sleeves cuff up half with a button and loose flowy top will surely match the vibe. 

Layering and Accessories are a must to enhance your dress 

Finding the best dress color is one thing, but it isn’t always enough. Most of us want to style our favorite accessories, and certain seasons also allow you heavy layering. You have to think beyond just dress when looking for the best color for a neutral skin tone. 

The same rule applies everywhere; you can throw on some neutral attire to bring the whole ensemble together. For example, let’s say you wore a dress from a Texas boutique and wanted to layer it with a stylish coat. By opting for a coat, you can stay warm in winters, too, without being victim to clashing colors. This relaxed and loose-fit Hanna cardigan from our boutique helps you stay cozier and also lifts your style. You can also try a denim jacket for layering with a sleeveless dress. 

It’s not just about skin tones

Let’s break it down to the best colors for neutral skin tones. In addition to undertones, considering other factors is also essential. There are a variety of skin characteristics you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect dress color. 

  • If you have light skin, dark colors provide your extra flair. 
  • If you have dark natural skin, lighter hues offer you perfect contrast. 
  • If you are in those with medium-hued skin, basic colors like blue, yellow, and red are a slam dunk.

Bosom, your style!

Remember, there are no absolutes in any styling. The best color dress for a neutral skin tone may not be the best for you. It might not be that enchanting, and that’s okay too. Follow your bliss and shop from an online clothing boutique if you are passionate about deep oranges. If your favorite hue is dark violet, style it with pride. Ultimately it is just a comparison of how different colors contrast to your skin tone. At last, what matters is how you feel and what makes you stay comfortable! 


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