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How to Find the Best Moving Quotes

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Many people consider moving to be one of the most stressful events in their lives. However, if you explore and evaluate moving and storage businesses thoroughly, you can find one that best meets your demands. Before you start comparing moving companies, there are a few things you should think about the quote.

Gather at Least Three Moving Quotes

Plan on getting at least three or four moving firms to offer you a quote so you can compare prices. If you realize you hired the most expensive mover in town just because you didn’t do your homework, you’ll kick yourself down the road.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) studies, the moving business comprises 7,000 companies operating at little under 14,000 locations, mostly offering moving and storage services for residential and office products.

According to We Move Anywhere, decade-old internet consumer resource, there are a few questions you should ask potential movers while getting estimates:

Are you able to provide a binding written estimate on-site? The only way to receive an exact price quote is to have an in-home estimate, and even then, you should expect the move to be more expensive.

Do you have any special offers or discounts? It’s never a bad idea to inquire.

How long will it take to relocate? Not only do you need to know this for pricing purposes, but you also need to know it so you can fit the physical relocation into your already jam-packed calendar.

Take Into Account the Date of Your Move

Moving prices are considerably affected by the season, with greater rates in the summer. When you obtain your quote, see whether the price changes if you move the date up or down a few days or weeks. Inquire about the validity of the section. You may need to acquire a new quote if you wait too long to book the relocation.

Don’t be Tricked by Quotes From Other People

When you receive a quote that appears to be significantly lower than the others, there may be an issue. Infact, a comprehensive online moving-resource engine, defines lowball quotes as follows:

Choose Moving Companies that Charge Based on Weight

Most of the moving companies charge based on the importance of the shipment. A few movers charge by the volume of your belongings, measured in cubic feet, but it’s far easier for them to overcharge you this way. Ask how the company calculates its pricing, and only acquire complete quotes from companies that charge by the pound.

Get Estimates to Face to face Rather than Over the Phone

The difference between an in-home estimate and an over-the-phone estimate is explained by Move.org, an online consumer information center designed to provide practical solutions to the issues of relocation:

An in-home estimate necessitates a moving agent visiting your home to analyse the cost. Because the agent will be able to examine what you have with his or her own eyes, this is considered the whole way to acquire an accurate quote.

An over-the-phone estimate is less of a headache, but it’s also less accurate, especially if you’re not at home at the time of the call and have to recall what has to be moved from memory. If you choose this option, Move.org recommends that you prepare for your phone call by making a list of the items you want to move, so you don’t have to rely on memory if you’re away from home when you make the call.

Finally, the above are essential quotes you need to get about the moving company. It helps you to choose the best mover.



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