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How to Find the Best Humanities Course Books for your BA Semesters?

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Most of the humanities subjects for your BA semesters would include general studies I, General studies II, General studies III, and General studies IV. The General studies I group includes history and geography. The General studies II group includes polity and public administration. The General studies III group includes economics, ecology, environmental science, and technology. The General studies IV group includes philosophy or psychology. Since the syllabus is vast it can sometimes be difficult to find the coursebooks for your BA semesters.  

Tips on Finding the Best Course Books

To find the best BA geography, history, philosophy, and other books, you need to do some prior homework.

  • Jot Down a Few Questions

To find the best humanities book for your BA semesters, the first thing you need to do is to jot down a few questions and answer them. Supposedly you are trying to find good BA Geography Books, then you must be questioning if the chapters in the syllabus are contained in the specific books or not. After the syllabus and the table of contents of the book match, ask the next set of questions that answers whether that book has more references and notes than others. 

  • Ask for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations from professors or your friends is a great way to find the best BA course books. For instance, if you are looking for BA History Books, then you would want to look out for the publication or author that is generally followed by the university professors. You can also ask for recommendations on an online portal where students are quite frequent. 

  • Check for Online Stores and Reviews

One of the popular ways to find the best books for your BA semester is to check the online stores that sell all sorts of course books. The popularity that online bookstores have garnered over the last few years has made the quest more convenient and comfortable. Several students choose online stores since the reviews on the books are honestly provided by other students. You can very well rely on them to find the best of the lot. 

  • Join an Online University Group 

Joining an online University group means being a part of those groups that actively engage in discussing and posting about BA-related subjects. Since the syllabus is vast and includes several subjects, it is usual for you to get confused. The active interaction of members will help you to receive answers when you are trying to find the best BA books for your semesters. 


Understandably, pursuing a BA degree can be a herculean task given the volume of subjects to be covered. But if you have the wrong coursebooks your task becomes more difficult. That is why, if you are trying to find BA geography books, BA history books, or books on other related subjects, then follow the above-mentioned tips. It will not only help you in choosing the best of the lot but will also help you score the best.


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