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How to Establish your DME Prior Authorization Process

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Knowing your competition is the most important thought on every DME providers mind today. Over the last, there has been some forced innovations around with virtual logistics and platforms. Things have changed so much and you will find the ones who are still relying on out dated sales processes. Things can turn out pretty ugly for you if you don’t adapt quickly.

Out of the 45815 bids almost 38000 were for the 13 major categories for which CMS decided not to give Round 2021 contracts. Reducing your operational costs precisely with a convenient partner is the best way to handle things today.

You need someone that can help you with all your practice management efforts …a quality pool of staff that knows how to handle your DME prior authorization. It can only assist you in focusing on your customer care better than most.

The Sunknowledge story in DME practice management

Our decades of experience in working with major DMEPOS clients gives us the edge to work out a perfect plan for you at this post pandemic times. We have an extensive pool of medical billers and coders that understand how to enable a system by which you collect more and spend less.

We reduce your delays in payments, help you reduce your denials, offer all the heavy lifting support at the front end with eligibility checks, DME prior authorization and even order entry. We will follow up with the patients for all the documents, check the auth outcome, get back to the payers. All of it at just $7 per hour or 2% of collections. Yes, you heard that right!

Our partners will be glad to give you a complete demonstration on how we serve true value. We promise to reduce your overall costs in operations by 70% with our ability to work as your reliable operational extension. Speak to us now and we will ensure a comprehensive action plan that will transform your DME revenue cycle management efforts once and for all.


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