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How to Ensure Your Emergency Lighting is Adequate

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The emergency lighting system is one of the most critical parts of your electrical system in a commercial building. After all, in the case of any power failure, you, your employees, or any other tenants you might have will rely on that system as the primary means to exit the building.

Additionally, this lighting system could mean the differences between getting to safety and a disaster in an emergency. If you want to ensure that your emergency lighting is functioning correctly at all times, you need a commercial electrician to perform regular maintenance on your building.

Inspect Your Building for Risky Areas

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify whether an area of your building isn’t getting enough lighting to seem safe. You should take some time during off hours to turn off all of the lighting in your building except for the emergency lighting to see if you have enough fixtures installed to create a safe and secure escape route in the case of an emergency.

If you aren’t confident about your own decisions in this matter, you can always hire a commercial electrician to make this assessment on your behalf. Wherever you find an area too dark to feel safe, you’ll need to have your electrician install additional emergency lighting systems.

Compliance with Regulations

Almost all safety equipment, including emergency lighting, contains specific regulations to be approved for use in dangerous situations. Buildings also have safety codes that help owners determine whether the emergency systems in place are adequate. If you do not abide by these rules, you risk facing a lawsuit if something goes wrong. Even worse, someone who works in or is visiting your building could get injured. Consult with a commercial electrician to ensure you’re abiding by all of the safety regulations in place.

Professional Testing and Maintenance

In the best-case scenario, emergency lighting systems are only in operation once in a blue moon. Without regular use, it is nearly impossible to know whether all of the emergency lighting in your building remains in proper functioning order. You should hire a commercial electrician to test and perform maintenance on your emergency lighting system at least once a year.

Choosing the Right Emergency Lighting

If you’re not used to thinking about emergency lighting, it might seem like a one-size-fits-all situation. In reality, there are actually many different kinds of emergency lighting, which are available at various price points and qualities.

Given the fact that this is equipment that people may rely on in life-and-death situations, investing in emergency lighting is one area where you should avoid going too cheap at all costs. With this point in mind, you should consult with a commercial electrician on the right emergency lighting to buy for your building before committing to one type.

As a commercial building owner, there are many responsibilities you must accept to ensure the safety of your occupants. When it comes time to ensure your emergency lighting is adequate for the needs of your building, don’t take any risks. Hire a commercial electrician to perform a professional inspection of your system, so you can rest easy knowing your occupants are protected.


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