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How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Winter Long

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The Winter season is a perfect time to own a hot tub, and there is nothing as relaxing as getting home after a long cold day and sinking into a warm steamy water. With low external temperatures, the heater system in your tub has to work harder to retain the ideal temperature of the water, meaning high energy bills. If you choose not to use your tub during winter, ensure that you drain it completely before it gets too cold. This is to avoid freezing the leftover and undrained water in the pipes that can cause damage. Nonetheless, if you are planning to keep your tub active, you need to prepare it in advance to ensure it’s safe and ready to use all winter long. Here are crucial things that you need to do to enjoy your hot tub during winter.

Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub 

Hot tubs and spas require water change every three months. However, it can be hard to change the water in winter. Especially in the middle of winter when the temperatures are at freezing point. Make sure to drain and refill your hot tub before winter arrives and choose a day when the temperature is above freezing to change the water. Use a whirlpool rinse to flush the plumbing when changing water to remove any build-up in your hot tub and improve efficiency.

Invest In a High-Quality Cover

With tight-fitting seals, high-quality covers are well insulated to keep your hot tub secure and insulated even when not in use. They have locks that keep them in place even in windy conditions to prevent heat loss, maintain the temperature of your tub, and keeping the water clean from outside contaminants. Always ensure that you have covered your hot tub securely when not in use and keep it clear of snow. You can use a soft-bristle broom to gently brush off any build-up snow on the cover. In addition, choose a hot tub cover that fits your tub and is custom-fitted to give you the best servings.

Consider an Outdoor Gazebo

Putting a gazebo over a hot tub is a great way to protect it from elements and from getting damaged. On top of that, a gazebo also protects the bather from pesky insects and offers privacy as well. During winter, gazebos allow you to enjoy spa and therapy in the tub while watching the snow outside, which can be relaxing. With various aesthetic options, you can maximize privacy with walls, curtains, or other panel options.

Monitor the Water Level

External cold air can make your hot tub water evaporate more quickly than what you are used to during warmer months. When water levels fall below the skimmer levels, the pumps can malfunction and cause the water to freeze. This can lead to damage of the tub mold, plumbing fixtures, and parts. Make sure to check the water level after every soaking and every few days as well. Regularly check the temperature of the water in the tub to inspect if the heater on the tub is working properly.


Winterizing your hot tub can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but once ready for winter, you get to enjoy the multiple benefits of your hot tub including, using It as a warm-up before exercise, staying warm outside in the cold, and socializing.



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