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How to Embed and Center an Instagram Post on Your Website

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Using Instagram posts & photos is said to be a legal way to show the pictures of another person on your website. It’s a way of promoting their content so that you can make them agree to share your blog post on their social networking accounts. Let’s suppose you want to write something about the restaurants in your area. In terms of readership, these types of articles are popular. In this way, you can get good traffic from the people in your area by providing them with valuable content that presents you as a local expert. To get better traffic, all you have to do is to write an article, link to the restaurants along with embed Instagram posts into your blog.

How to Embed & Center Instagram Post on Your Website:

Here’s what you need to do.

Find the Restaurant on Instagram:

By considering the example of writing an article on restaurants in your area, the first step is to search & follow the link to the official page of that particular restaurant for which you’re writing. Just type the name and start searching for the official page. You can also search for the restaurant by using the Google search engine.

Search the Best Photo for Your Article:

Have a look at the picture they post on social media to embed Instagram posts and find the best one you think will speak to your audience. It is recommended to use the image of the signature dish of that specific restaurant. When you find the picture then, click on it.

Click the three Dots:

The 3rd step for embed Instagram posts is to click the three dots, which are in the bottom of the right and corner. It will then give you a list of options in another small window on that page. Now, click on the embed option from the list that appears by clicking on the three dots.

Copy the Embed Instagram Posts Code:

When you click on the embed option from the list, then it will show you another window that shows the embed link of the post that you want to add to your website. Simply copy the link by clicking on the “copy embed code” to embed Instagram posts.

Paste the Embed Code in the Designated Section of Website:

After copying the lick of the post, paste the embed code in the text section of your editor from your WordPress. By pasting the link of the Instagram posts the new Instagram images will be embedded in your blog.

How to Center Align Embedded Instagram Images in Your Blog Post:

If you have ever tried to embed the Instagram post on your website or blog, then you know that the native code aligns the Instagram post to the left automatically. Well! It’s not a big deal, but if you are not so aware of operating a computer, then it will be a little bit challenging for you. Thankfully, the solution to center the post is simple & easy. Copy the code you’re following into your blog post or website and then replace the code with the code that you have copied from your Instagram account.

Different Ways of Embedding the Instagram Posts:

As per various statistics reports, Instagram has very high active users of five hundred million people that access its mobile application daily. This fact shows that this has a great potential of growing your social influence, marketing and also helps to grow your business. For those kinds of objectives, using or embed Instagram posts on your website is an incredible strategy that can improve the website’s performance.

We have mentioned the method of embedding the post but there are also some other ways that you can consider for embedding.  Instead of using the “Instagram official embedding” you can use the different online embedding tools, Instagram feeds WordPress plugin. You can also take the screenshots of the post you want to embed.


The smart way to build a massive following online is to embed Instagram posts and other social media profiles on your blog or website. In this way, you will get better traffic for your website. In this article, we provide you with the information regarding how to embed & center align the post on your website.


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