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How to Draw a Cat Easily

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In this tutorial, you shall learn step by step on how to draw a cat easily and achieve a realistic perspective of the cat face and body. This watercolor pencil tutorial is an Amazrock collaboration project with Lindsay Weirich aka “TheFrugalCrafter” (popular artist blogger on Youtube).

Paint A Realistic Drawing Of A Maine Cat Easy

We are excited about this work of art as Lindsay reveals hot tips on how to get the best results of watercolor pencils with dry and wet painting watercolor techniques.

Supplies Used In This Tutorial To Draw Cat Easy:

Watercolor Technique Tips | Watercolor Pencils Tutorial – How to Draw A Cat Step by Step

1. Watercolor paper or a robust mixed media paper is recommended for the best results.

Go for “Hot press paper” for its smooth like surface drawing paper. It will withstand lots of water and aggressive techniques. Use this paper for botanical, portraits or any time you want a smooth line and lots of detail.

You may consider “Cold press paper” if you would like your drawing paper with a bit of tooth or bumpy texture. Choose this if you want to add lots of layers. Rough paper offers more textures (as the name implies). As such, it is ideal for painting landscapes and other subjects where you want a more grainy or expressive look.

2. Try taping your paper down for warping prevention.

You can use any drawing board you have. Alternatively, you can recycle the cardboard backing from an old paper pad or inexpensive lightweight foam core board.

The plywood/Masonite boards are also great if you prefer working at an easel. The extra weight will keep your painting from rocking as you paint!

Taping the paper down will also give you a beautiful white border if you paint to the edge.


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