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How to download from SoundCloud

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In this article, you will learn the exact process of how you can download any songs or videos that how to download from soundcloud. You can even use a third party web page to download songs or videos. I would like to give you advice that if you ever download songs or videos from SoundCloud without permission it will be calculated as a violation of their copyright rules and regulations.

There are two types of methods of downloading songs or videos from SoundCloud.

Step 1. You need to visit the web page of SoundCloud in your free time. I’ll give you the SoundCloud web page that will directly take you to SoundCloud. Their web page details are provided in SoundCloud.com.Now you need to open the browser. It may be from your computer as well as from your mobile phone or tablets, it might be Android or it might be MacOS or it can be from windows. I’ll suggest you open it from google chrome. After opening the browser type https://SoundCloud.com. it will take to the main web site of the sound cloud page.

Step 2:

All you need to do now is to log in with the help of your account that you created in SoundCloud. It will automatically take you to the SoundCloud login page if you don’t see the login page that comes automatically. Then you need to do login manually for downloading songs.

  • You can watch the sign-in button in the upper right corner of the site. Just tap on the sign-in button so that you can enter your user name and the protected password then click the sign-in option.
  • Suppose if u don’t have a SoundCloud username and password. Try creating the account from the sign-in option as well. After creating the account then follow the steps that need to be done.

Step 3: right now you are all set. All you need to do is to click the address bar which you can find at the top of this page. In the address bar, you will get to notice that they are giving few suggestions like the name of the artist or singer, bands as well as tracks and podcasts as well.

Step 4:  All you have to do is ignore the suggestions and all you have to do is go ahead and type which type of songs you would love to download from the SoundCloud site. After writing the name just select enter or you can simply press go.

Step 5:   After you write the name of the song all you have to do is go ahead and click the song list so that you even can watch the list of that particular song that you are searching for.

Step 6: right now you have to search for a download button so that you can download the songs you want to. But there is a problem while downloading, you will get to know that in many songs the SoundCloud didn’t provide you with the option where you can download the song.

  • If you did not find download options that means you can not download this song from the SoundCloud website all you can download by clicking the link which will be provided in the description you have to copy and paste it on a different third – party web page or on any third-party application.
  • Step 7:  now it’s your time to click the download option. SoundCloud will provide you with the option to download the full song’s file at once on your computer or as well as laptops and it will provide you with which drive the song file gonna save. It’s your choice you also have the right to save the song in a different drive.

Method number two where you can use SoundCloud to download songs from another audio web page.

Step 1: you have to open the SoundCloud website on your computer or in your laptop as well. You need to have a web browser on your devices. It might be google chrome or it can be Mozilla firefox or it can be opera mini. From this one of the browser, you have to visit the web site of SoundCloud. The website has been provided earlier still I’ll provide it for you again. https://www.SoundCloud.com/.

Step 2:  Now you have to click the address bar you can found it in the middle of the page and its colour is grey. There you can notice that some suggestions are written for you like the artist, the band, and the song and podcasts in it.

  • If you have a SoundCloud account you have to sign in first, if you don’t have you need to create the SoundCloud account and you have to sign in. Then you can watch the address bar.

Step 3:  Now it’s your turn to search for a song you like to download write it on the address bar just for an example say happier which was composed by Ed Sheeran. You will get to notice that you will find the song lists and you have to select which one you want to download then press enter or you can click on the go button.

  • You can even have the option of searching the song by typing the artist name if you don’t remember the songs name.

Step 4:  Now you have lots’ suggestions on the screen you have to select which one you will download. After clicking the songs that you want to download its page will be open and you will find descriptions about these songs. If u click on the songs sound wave it will not open the page. All you have to do is to click it on the song file that you want to download.

Step 5:  After clicking the song that you select for download you will find a web page and there you can find a link in it. Now you have to select the link by selecting the full link then press ctrl + c to copy the song link.

Step 6: Now you have to open the SoundCloud to mp3 web page. I’ll provide you with the link below that will help you to find the page https://SoundCloudmp3.org/.after clicking this web site you will be on the SoundCloud to mp3 web page.

  • Since these kind of web site are very unstable they will give you notice maximum of time to come back later. You don’t need to worry go ahead and type another mp3 site such as Klickaud it will also offer the same thing for free like the SoundCloud to mp3.

Step 7:  Now you have to paste the link that you have copied from SoundCloud’s page. Just you have to paste the link in the address bar by pressing ctrl + v or by using the right-click of the mouse and press enter or the go button.

Step 8: Now you will able to download the song that you want to download by pressing the download options and you can even customize where you want to save the song on your personal computer or laptop etc.

These are the two ways of downloading the song from SoundCloud.

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