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How to download and install GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version

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GBWhatsapp PRO is a well-known WhatsApp mod. It’s one of the best alternatives for the official WhatsApp app. This app is the most used chatting app on Android and IOS. Because this WhatsApp mod brings more fun to the chatting experience, most android users prefer to install the GBWhatsapp Pro Latest Version.
GBWhatsapp PRO Apk adds more features to the user experience such as voice and video calls, chatting, Voice notes, and chatting. Gbwhatsapp offers other features, such as the sharing of documents, locations, contacts, media like videos, stickers and pictures, as well as the ability to share files, documents, photos, and media. If you’re wondering where you can download the latest version of GbWhatsapp, I’ll provide the direct link. GBWhatsapp App

GBwhatsapp is a moded app that we all love. It was created by GBWA and can be found almost anywhere on the web. Gbwhatsapp allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts, which means that you can use two numbers in one app. Download GB WhatsApp Pro aPK latest version it offers more accessible features than the older version.

How to install GBWhatsapp for iPhone

  • You will need to download the IOS file to install GBWhatsapp. The button is below.
  • Click on the IOS file you want to locate and click it.
  • The installation will take some time. Once it is complete, you can launch the app.
  • Verify your WhatsApp number by logging in.
  • This app is now available for iPhone.


  • Dual Whatsapp account: GBWhatsapp lets users set up two WhatsApp accounts. You can use Gbwhatsaap directly with two numbers.
  • Auto-Reply tools: GBwhatsaopp comes with an auto-reply tool that allows users set the desired keyword. This tool will reply to any message containing this keyword.
  • Hide read ticks: These features won’t let your contact see if you have read their status.
  • Download Whatsapp Stat: You can download the status of other contacts to your phone gallery.
  • Customize Whatsapp layout: Gbwhatsapp lets you customize your WhatsApp layout. You can choose from a variety of themes or create your own. You can also create your own themes to share with friends.


How can I update GB WhatsApp Pro

Keep Checking GBWhatsApp Pro Download in whatsappinstalling.com. Click on the Download button to download the update. Once the APK file is downloaded, install it on Android. It will automatically update your version.

Is GB Whatsapp Pro Safe

Yes, GBWhatsapp Pro can be used safely. This application is simply a modified version for Whatsapp.

Can I use both Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp simultaneously?

Yes, you can use Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro simultaneously. Other Whatsapp Mods, such as Whatsapp Plus, can also be used simultaneously.


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