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How to do Video Editing through Camtasia?

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To learn Video Editing, many people do Video Editing courses or go to any Video Editing Classes to learn Video Editing and also pay money for it. But if you want to learn Free Video Editing. So for this, you have only 1 way, Online Video Editing Courses From here you can learn Free Video Editing in 2 ways,

  • YouTube
  • Website or Blog

On YouTube and Website, you will find many Videos and Posts (Articles) about Video Editing, with the help of which you can learn Video Editing.

But most of the videos or posts on YouTube or website are in the English language, in such a situation, there is a lot of problem for those who do not know about English.

  • So that’s why today I will tell you in detail about Video Editing in Hindi with the help of Camtasia Video Editing Software.
  • If you are a beginner YouTuber or are interested in editing video, then you can learn to do video editing very easily, just read all the steps carefully.

Camtasia Video Editing Software:

If you are a Beginner YouTuber and you do not know anything about Video Editing, then Camtasia is the Best Video Editing Software for you, and its Interface, Function, is very easy, I myself have learned to Edit Video from Camtasia. That’s why I am telling you about this because I think it is very easy to edit videos.

How to Edit Video from Camtasia Step by Step Full Guide:

 To learn Video Editing, you need 2 things,

  • Computer
  • Camtasia Software

You must have a computer to learn video editing from the video editing institute in Delhi, even if you do not have a high-performance computer, and if you do not have Camtasia Software, then you can download it.

Step-1: First of all you open Camtasia Software and click “New Project”, after that the interface of Camtasia Video Editing Software will open in front of you.

  • Open New Project

Step-2: Now you add the video that you want to edit by clicking on the “Import Media” option. Similarly, you can add as many files, videos, images as you want by clicking on Import Media.

  • Import media

Step-3: After importing the video, drag and drop the video and “add” it to the timeline.

  • Insert files into the timeline

Note:- The feature of Automatic Timeline is available in Camtasia, as you keep adding Timeline Video, the track wants to increase.

The audio/Video Separate option is available in Camtasia Timeline, with the help of which you can separate audio and video from any video file.

  • Separate audio-video

Step-4: After adding the video file to the Timeline, you are ready to edit the video. Now you can apply Effects, Text in the video according to you, for this you get many options in Camtasia. Let me tell you about all its effects and their work in detail.

Function of Camtasia

#1- Annotations: With the help of this, you get features like Text, Shape, Arrow in your video, if you want to blur any part of the video, then you can do it with Annotation.

#2- Transitions: In this, you will get many Transition Effect which you can insert your video like if you add Fold Transition Effect then your video will look folded.

#3- Behaviors: In this, you will get ready-made effects that you can insert in videos. Like Pop-up Effect.

#4- Animations: From here you can zoom your video and add Animation Effects, For Example- If you want to show your VIdeo on the Left, Right Side, or anywhere without a Crop then with the help of Animation can do.

There are many more features that you can use to edit your videos. such as Mouse Cursor

  • The effect, Audio Effect, for this you have to click on “More”,
  • More video editing effect

Step-5: After you add your video Effects, Text, Animation, that your video editing process will be completed. Now you can “Render” your video, to render you click on the “Share” option given above on the right side,

  • Render videos

After that, by clicking on “Local file”, you can save the video on the computer.

  • Save video files

Whare to learn video editing courses?

If you want to learn more advanced Video Editing, then you can do Online Video Editing courses from Next G Education, NGE is a well-known training institute in Delhi that provides digital marketing course in Rohini, web design, web development, graphic design courses, etc…

Conclusion: Friends, this post has been told about Camtasia Software use Basic Video Editing, if you are a beginner then you can learn to edit video from this software, here you have also been given a video for Video-Editing from Camtasia. If you have any problem with this post or any suggestions or ideas about this post then you must comment on the website.


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