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How to Display Instagram Hashtag Feed on Website

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Instagram has grown into a wide social media platform in just a span of a few years. Now Instagram is not limited to photo sharing platforms, but it has grown into the largest active social media users platform that people use as a source for entertainment, learning new trends, discovering new products, sharing the reviews, and improving lifestyle, by learning from the popular social figures. 

Seeing the growing potential of Instagram, brands have started to capitalize their marketing efforts on the Instagram platform. Now almost every business has their business accounts on Instagram, or others are planning to have one. 

Instagram is the next milestone for brands and businesses to sell their products and services with highly active users, rigorously consuming content from Instagram day and night. 


Brands are adopting unique and innovative ways to promote their products, services, events, causes, etc. One of the highly used ways is through hashtag campaigns, as it easily encourages people to create and share content using hashtags. 

Other ways brands are using Instagram marketing are mentioned tags, location tags, Instagram Stories, influencers marketing, etc., to reach more audience effectively and profitably. 

These methods are also proven to be the most effective ones, increasing audience awareness, engagement, and connectivity with the brand. 

Now brands and businesses can leverage the Instagram content on their website in Instagram feeds to offer similar engaging and captivating experiences on their website. 

Instagram hashtag feeds can be the one such prominent content on your brand website to grow your brand’s social presence and acquaint your worldwide website visitors with the participative content from the Instagram channel. 

People like to see user-generated content more than the branded content as it depicts the real experience and voluntary involvement of the social media users. 

Hence, displaying Instagram hashtag feeds boost social engagement, awareness and social proof of your website which in turn increase your user’s trust in your brand. 

So if you are ready to display Instagram feeds on your website, let’s quickly go through how to embed Instagram hashtag feeds on your website. 

Different Ways To Display Instagram Hashtag Feeds On Your Website

You can easily display or showcase Instagram hashtag feeds on your website using social media aggregator with four different ways. In addition, you can select any of the methods to display Instagram hashtags on your website. 

These four methods are:

  • Using Instagram Embed Code
  • Take a Screenshot of the Instagram Post
  • WordPress Plugin To Embed Instagram Feeds

#1 Using Instagram Embed Code

Instagram itself provides an embedding feature that allows its users to collect the embed code to display Instagram posts on their website. You can select the hashtag post that you want to display on your website. 

Once you select the post, you will see the three dots on the upper corner of the post, click on it, and select the Embed Code option from the list. 

You get the embed code to add to your website code and copy the embed code to the clipboard. Now log into your website and open the web page where you want to embed the post. 

Open the HTML block and paste the embed code there. Lastly, save the changes you made on the web page and here you go, your hashtag post is on your website. You can do the same procedure to add more hashtag posts to your website and different web pages.

#2 Take a Screenshot of the Instagram Post

You can display Instagram hashtag posts by taking a screenshot of the post. Similarly, select the post you want to display and take a screenshot of the post. 

Next, you need to crop all the extra layout that comes with the screenshot. Once you are ready with a screenshot, you can save it on your laptop or PC. Now login to your website and open the webpage to display the Instagram post. 

Now, as you upload any image, follow the same steps to upload the screenshot of your Instagram hashtag post. And save changes onto your website. 

#3 WordPress Plugin To Embed Instagram Feeds

The drawback of the methods mentioned above is you can only display one hashtag post at a time. Which also occupies lots of space on your web page and consumes a lot of time. If you want to display multiple Instagram hashtags feeds then you must use website plugins. As most websites are built using wordpress, there are several wordpress plugins available to embed Instagram hashtag feeds on websites

With these plugins, you can easily collect, curate, customize, and embed Instagram feeds on your website. 

You can create an Instagram hashtag feed wall and add a personalization design using themes, layout designs, and others. 

Displaying Instagram hashtag feeds with the help of a plugin is responsive. Meaning it adjusts according to the screen to easily check on every device and screen. 


Instagram feeds powerful enough to keep an audience on your website. Along with that, it also displays social proof with user-generated content, which results in building the authority of your website. 

With these four different ways, you can easily display Instagram hashtag feeds on your website. In the designer and best possible manner. 


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