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How to disable all modules on Bitdefender?

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Bitdefender is a popular cybersecurity brand and is best known for antivirus programs. It provides advanced features for protecting the system and network from various threats. From device protection to web security, this antivirus offers all features. Using this antivirus program ensures the security of the device. But sometimes, some of its tools may interrupt the work. Whenever you are getting issues while working due to Bitdefender, disable its modules. Users can disable the tools temporarily whenever they want.

How do I disable Bitdefender shield?

Bitdefender provides the shield feature which scans the malware on your device. Whenever the user connects his system to any peripheral or external storage device; the shield feature scans it. Your data will only load when the device is safe to open. If the scanner finds any suspension file, it will remove the file and then load the data. If the whole drive seems suspicious then Bitdefender will show the warning. The user can’t access the device or drive until he disables the shield. 

  1. Open the Bitdefender and click on Protection
  2. Tap on antivirus and hit on the Advanced tab

Go to settings and click on the drive you want to disable. Users will get the disabling option. Select the Until System Restart option and tap the Yes button. Close the Bitdefender antivirus and now try to open the device. After accessing it, you should immediately enable the Bitdefender shield. Users can either restart the system or enable it manually.

Disabling Online Threat Prevention 

Bitdefender has an advanced online threat protection feature. Using the internet without security is dangerous. Hackers could steal the information and monitor all the activities. Your security program has online prevention tools which filter malicious links and keep users secure. Sometimes the user needs to open the link but antivirus is blocking it then disables the tool. This issue appears when you are accessing new or unsecured sites. Without HTTPS sites look suspicious and antivirus immediately blocks them. Disable the online prevention feature to access it. 

  1. Go to your Perfection tab on Bitdefender
  2. Select Online Threat Prevention feature
  3. Users will get numerous tools like web protection, search advisor, fraud protection, network protection etc
  4. Click on the tools and disable them one by one

After disabling the feature, close Bitdefender and open the browser. Now search for the URL and click on it. Users can access the page easily. After using the page, close it and go to your Bitdefender. Open the Online Threat Prevention feature and enable it.

Steps for disabling Firewall on Bitdefender

Bitdefender has a personal firewall for the device. It checks the incoming data on the network. The safe data enters the system easily but when any malicious packet appears, the firewall blocks the network. Using the firewall is an excellent tool for security. In online games, a firewall may interrupt the network. Playing online games on an insatiable internet is very bothersome. For a smooth connection, the user has to disable the firewall. After disabling it, users can easily play games or access sites that are blocked by firewalls.

  1. Go to Bitdefender’s dashboard
  2. Choose Protection icon
  3. Select the Firewall pane
  4. Tap the switch and toggle it to Off

Now select the Until System Restarts option and close the dashboard. The user can play his game smoothly after disabling the firewall. But when you are playing a game without a firewall, do not access the requests on the game from unknown people. Using an online game for hacking is very common. Cybercriminals send the request to the user; if the user accepts the request then the hacker can install the spyware easily. After playing the game, open the Bitdenfeder and enable the firewall. Run the antivirus for removing the malware and then you can work reliably.

Disabling Email Protection service

Email is an easy means for hacking and phishing. Cybercriminals send an email that looks reliable like a bank or company email asking for personal details. If the user sends the details then criminals can steal the funds or personal details. Hackers send malicious links on attachments. When a user clicks on the attached file, malware like Trojan gets installed. These malicious programs are used for monitoring activities and stealing data. Email protection features protected from spam and suspicious emails. The tool directly sends those mail to the spam folder. But sometimes it may detect the safe email as suspicious. For receiving that mail, open the Online Threat Prevention. Click on Email Protection and disable it. After receiving your mail, enable the tool immediately. 


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