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How to Develop a Fantasy Cricket App Like Dream11

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About Dream11 

Fantasy Sports games are the best way to experience sports. Essentially, this is a virtual game in which guessing is more important than anything else. It is also known as the Fantasy Sports league. It usually offers sign-up bonuses, cash prizes, and lots of fun for its participants. Fantasy sports are now available in a wide range of sports leagues, including cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. This platform provides sports fans with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and be a part of a hugely popular platform. Fantasy cricket app like Dream11 is quite popular among sports fans. 

It is no wonder why Dream11 is so popular today. It provides a virtual platform for users to exhibit their sports skills and talent. This platform is all about fun, prediction, emotions, and certainly a chance to win thrilling rewards. Sports fans can choose real-time players from upcoming matches and build their own dream team of players that they hope will surpass other players. Players earn points based on their performance on-field and can win cash prizes and other exciting rewards. 

A Growing Market for Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy cricket app like Dream11 is gaining tremendous popularity in the country and around the world, which is not surprising. There are a lot of business owners who create fantasy cricket app like Dream11 to monetize trends. Sports enthusiasts will break all records when it comes to engaging in fantasy sports and testing their skills in sports as part of the fantasy sports business industry. Soon all sports leagues in the country will offer their very own fantasy leagues to their fans, similar to the fantasy premier league. As of now, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian Super League (ISL) run their own fantasy leagues.

The Global Market for Fantasy Sports

When we look back at the beginnings of Fantasy Sports, we can find out that it was in 1952 in the United States that Fantasy Sports was first established. There are more than 200 operators on this network, and 59.3 million users (21% of the US population) use it. In the USA, about 65% of male sports fans play fantasy sports games. The following are some other facts related to the Fantasy Sports trend around the world:

  • The majority of players using mobile devices for fantasy sports are aged between 18 & 34 
  • About 54% of players are in that age bracket

Soccer, NCAA Football, Basketball, & Baseball are the most popular Fantasy Sports games.

Various Types of Fantasy Sports Games Include

  • Daily & weekly Game: You can play these games daily or weekly, and build teams in these games and bet on games that match the timings. 
  • Scoring-based game: Some players choose to get points for scoring. In this sort of betting, they guess the player’s score and if it’s the same, you win a point for guessing correctly.
  • Draft-based game type: This type of game is played under ideal conditions. You just need to decide how the game will proceed and the process will follow the same. 
  • League-based game type: This type of game is most commonly played by players who enjoy playing according to the leagues they belong to in real life. Select your favorite team and let your favorite players help you earn many points in no time. 

Features and functionalities of Fantasy Sports Game Apps

Our team makes sure that the fantasy app you request includes some unique features that make your company’s app outshine others. You can make your audience’s interactions with the app easier by including the following features. 

Contestant/Application User Features

  • User registration/log-in 

In this feature, users are able to register and log in using their username, password,     email address, phone number, and referral code (if provided by friends).

  • Landing Screen
    This is the first screen the user sees after logging in to the app. A list of matches will be displayed here. There are various types of searches that users can perform: match types, sports types (Cricket, NBA, Football), and match types (upcoming match, on-going match, results). Each match listing contains information regarding Tournament Name, Team 1 (Name and Image), Team 2 (Name and Image) & Match time (Date & Time). As soon as the participant chooses the match listed in the list, the contest screen will appear.
  • Contest
    Users can view the contents of the contest for each match by filtering them by Contest Type, Contest Name, Entry Fee, Winning Amount, Winners Count (here, the user can find out their rank’s winning criteria), and Total Team Count (the team that can enter the contest). Participants can select the contest they wish to participate in and join.
  • Contest entry
    Each contestant must send in an entry form and pay the participation fee.
  • Create your own contest
    The user can create their own contest by clicking a single tap, entering the following information: Contest name, Total winning amount, size of contest, number of teams allowed, entry fees, join the contest (contest creators should join first before creating) and invite their friends to join. 
  • My Contest
    Users can view the list of contestants who have joined and edit the team players they have selected. (Note: Participants can only change their team players before the match begins. After that, the application owner will have control over it.) 
  • Profile setting
    The user can view & update their profile by using this feature. Furthermore, it will include Your reward points, Account details (including your account balance, user winnings, user bonuses, view transaction history, add cash, withdrawal winnings (using your bank account or your Pan card), Overall ranking, My friends, Referral & Earn, Logout.

The Admin Panel (Backend) Includes the Following Features:

  • Admin login– Here, the admin must use Username & Password to access the app.
  • Dashboard: This section will display a number of fields, such as the Total Matches (upcoming, ongoing, played matches), Total Contestants, and total earnings.
  • User Manager: This feature allows administrators to edit, delete, add, activate, and deactivate users’ accounts.
  • Manage matches: Admins can edit, delete, add, activate, and deactivate matches in the application.
  • Manage Games Category: Admins may manage the game categories.
  • Contest Manager: Admins have access to manage the entire match contest of the application and can Edit/Delete/Add/Activate/Deactivate each match contest individually.
  • Income: From the admin interface, admins can view app earnings by setting various filters.
  • Manage Payment Mode: The application admin can manage and control the payment modes.
  • Management of Reward Points: This feature allows users to manage their Reward Points.
  • Manage Cash prizes: This feature allows users to manage their bonus and cash prizes.
  • Report Manager: The admin can generate various reports using this tool, including match reports, player ranking reports, earnings reports, etc.

Additional Features

In addition to the features already mentioned, dream11 app coding has a few other interesting and unique features. Your costs may be impacted by these features, but the ROI is surely worth it. 

  • Live scores– Apart from game highlights, expert analysis, and original video programs, viewers will be able to watch live scores for a variety of matches and sports.
  • API integration– Data is ready-made and easy to use for developers to integrate into their platforms using the Fantasy Sports App API.
  • CRM– With the app, you can manage user location, send emails, tickets, and many other functions.
  • Push Notification: Users will receive notifications about the team creation time, when the match will start, etc.
  • Payment System: The system accepts several payment modes, including debit or credit cards, online banking, and e-Wallets.
  • GPS Tracker: with this feature, users can get notifications about upcoming matches nearby their location.

Final words

Online Fantasy Sports Development is expected to grow rapidly as more and more countries legalize it.  In some ways, it looks like it’ll be bigger than the sport itself. Fantasy Cricket App as well as other fantasy sports apps are being developed all over the world. Many upcoming events, such as the FIFA, World T-20, and ICC World Cup, are the perfect time to take your share. You can now build a Fantasy Sports App with Artistixe IT Solutions LLP and give sports fans a great new reason to play. 


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