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How to Determine the Capacity of Storage Racks?

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Have you ever wondered what the capacity of storage racking is? Or how much weight can you keep on a pallet rack?

No doubt, pallet rack capacity is important for the safety of your warehouse. So before putting a load on heavy-duty racks, be careful. It is necessary to ensure both the racking beams and frames are designed to hold the weight and avoid a possible collapse.

Designers and engineers plan pallet racking structures according to load-bearing strength. 

Here in this article, we are going to mention important tips needed to determine the capacity of storage racks.

Understand Pallet Rack Systems

Rack systems are a combo of parts that form a solid whole. And warehouse rack systems are known as the set of correlated members that combine together. It helps to make an organized structure that can support a limited weight in loaded pallets.

Each pallet rack system’s component serves a single purpose. And it is to transfer weight or gravitational pull to the ground. But, each rack component works individually.

First, take a look at the primary components of your heavy-duty racks:

  • Racking system uprights
  • Racking system beam
  • Racking system braces
  • Racking system base plate
  • Racking system accessories 

Calculating the Storage Racking Capacity Mathematically 

Well, to calculate your warehouse storage racking capacity, a theoretical expedition is not needed, but a mathematical exercise is necessary.

Putting unnecessary weight into racks can cause injury and other mishaps. Therefore, as a user, you are responsible to check the capacity of your pallet racks.

Let’s take a look at the points on determining the capacity of your storage racking. 

How To Calculate The Capacity Of Storage Racks?

It is a mathematical process to figure out the capacity of the storage racking.

Calculation For The Capacity of Pallet Rack Beams

For calculation of the capacity of beams, first, determine the type of load or pallet you prefer to store on them.

For instance, if you are storing 3 pallets with each load 1000 lbs. Then the beam capacity should be 3000 lbs or maybe more.

Beam Capacity = Number of Pallets Per Level x Maximum Pallet Weight

Calculation Capacity of Pallet Rack Frame

First, measure the vertical beam spacing to determine the capacity of the pallet frame.

The calculation is simple, for example, if the calculated vertical beam spacing comes at 100 inches, then the frame capacity should be considered as 100 lbs.

If you can calculate the capacity of the storage racking, then you don’t need any consultants. Below we have mentioned the four-step method that many rack specialists use to determine the highest loads.

Upright Capacity Calculation 

Uprights are usually known as frames in the racking business. And these pieces are used to support the weight of the entire system. This weight is traversed by the beams, set upon the deck, sent earthward through the uprights, and collected from the loaded pallets.

Uprights transfer and absorb two weight classifications. And each weight kind adds to the total capacity your uprights required to support. 

Live loads 

Loaded pallets are called a fluid commodity. In some cases, your heavy-duty racks are at their maximum capacity without any extra room. And loaded pallets are known as live loads.

Dead loads

Dead load encompasses the overall weight of your rack system on its own. It consists of the unloaded deck’s overall gravitational pressure, braces, beams, and uprights.

Engineers use to calculate upright capacity from the dimensions of the frame. It consists of the depth of their design, and the height of your uprights; or the distance between both of them, and the physical measurements of the upright columns or legs. 

Calculating Beam Capacity 

You should know that with beams there is a carrying capacity or strength ratio between length and depth.

Beams get the downward force (compression) placed by the live load. Also, beams compensate for a tension force that stretches from the load’s centre. It crosses sideways on the beam’s run and carries the weight to its upright connection point.

The maximum capacity of the beam shows what size of uprights your system needs. Calculating rack systems begins with understanding what maximum weight you expect your pallets to handle.  

Deflection Of Pallet Rack Beams

Rack beam manufacturers use high-grade steel for all components, including uprights, decks, beams, and base plates. You shouldn’t experience flexing and bowing with plates or uprights, however, your horizontal cross members are made to deflect or bow. And this is a natural phenomenon in engineering.

Rack beams bow due to the partly elastic. It means they sag a slight bit while being under tension and compression.

Engineers define a standard rack beam deflection rate in an acceptable safety standard. The deflection, bow, or sag rate is 0.55% of the beam’s horizontal track. And if you divide the beam span by 180 produces the maximum allowable deflection.

It is very useful when calculating the capacity or storage racking. 

Deck Capacity Calculation 

Pallet rack decks work as horizontal stabilizers. It uniformly disperses pallet loads over the beam works and down by the uprights.

Loaded pallets are commonly odd in their distribution of direct weight, and properly designed decks recompense for low and high weight transfer contact.

Final Words 

We hope that this article might help you to get a deep understanding of determining the capacity of the storage racking. Now you will be pro in selecting the best-suited storage racking for your warehouse.


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