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How to Design a Floor Plan When Renovating?

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When renovating your home or office, it is better to make a floor plan first hand. Making a floor plan will prove to be a lifesaver as it will help you in explaining your requirements and needs to the interior design Dubai companies.

We know it is not so easy to design a floor plan but it can be a lot easier if you follow a stepwise process for designing the floor plan of your home.

Step by step guide to designing a floor plan

If you want the best results of the renovation of your home then you have to design the perfect floor plan first. Here is how to design a flawless floor plan when renovating:

1. Make up your mind

The first step towards designing the floor plan is to make up your mind. As a start, make your mind about how many rooms you want, which room is going to be big and which room smaller than the other. Decide on every basic need of your home renovation.

2. Measure the area

Take the measurements of the complete area you are going to renovate. Measure every single inch of the area including the doors, the walls to the corners, and the windows. Make sure the measurements you take are perfect and don’t have a difference of an inch to the actual area. The slightest mistake in the measurement can cause you a lot of trouble even more than you think.

3. Draw outlines or borders

You need a paper, pencil and a scale to start drawing the floor plan. Draw the walls/outlines of the house on paper. Write the scale on the sides of each wall for an easy and frequent guide of the area length. Don’t forget to draw the entrance of the house along with the walls because it will help you in the perfect positioning of rooms.

4. Divide the area

After drawing the walls, it’s time to divide the whole area into separate rooms by drawing walls. While making the walls of rooms keep the details in mind which you have already decided like the number of rooms and area of each room. Also, write down the length of the walls of each room of the home for easy detailing.

5. Draw the essentials

Now draw the essentials of your house like the doors and windows and any other thing which you want in a specific location. For example, the bathtub, the refrigerator in the kitchen, or the dining table in the living room. To avoid any inconvenience in the future, it is better to highlight anything that you want unchanged and undisturbed.

6. Add extras

If you want any extras in your home then don’t forget to add them to the floor plan. The extras can be a hidden secret room or a hidden storage space in the roof, a pantry in the kitchen, a whole storage room, or even an underground basement. Take inspiration from interior design Dubai companies to increase the storage space of your house and make the best use of extra spaces.

7. Furnish the floor plan

Now, when everything is done you can move to the furnishing of the floor plan. The furnishing can change the look of any place so be careful while opting for the furniture. Add the furniture pieces and make good use of all the available space in the whole house.

Don’ts of Designing the Floor Plan When Renovating

  • Don’t overdo any room with the furniture and avoid adding any furniture piece which you don’t need and let the rooms breathe.
  • Don’t forget your lifestyle while designing the floor plan of your home because your home must have everything according to your daily lifestyle.
  • Don’t be impractical and match your floor plan with the practical life and add the things in the floor plan which you can afford at the moment. However, you can also make a dream house in the future.


Follow these above given easy stepwise procedure for designing the floor plan when renovating. Be practical while designing the floor plan and keep it as simple as possible if you don’t want to take any risk. Design the best floor plan for your home renovation and watch it become a reality with the help of interior design Dubai companies especially Exotic Interior Studio.


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