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How to delete your Gmail accounts?

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Delete your Gmail accounts

If you see the list of Gmail features, then it should be noted that deleting an account is less using feature. The reason is that there are unlimited features and advantages of using Gmail PVA accounts.

As you know that there are billions of the people who are using Gmail PVA accounts, but only limited people know that how they can delete their accounts. When you have make the decision of deleting your Gmail account, then keep in mind that only Gmail account will be delete. But your Google account will be save and through this you can get access to some important Google apps.

The steps of deleting your Gmail accounts

If you have make a final decision of deleting your Gmail accounts, then here are some important steps. And by following these steps, you can easily delete your Gmail account.

1. First of all, it is important to login your Gmail account on browser. There is no term of using any specific device for account deleting. So its mean that there is no term of using any specific device for deleting your Gmail account.

2. After opening your Gmail account, there will be an option of account on the upper right corner. So you should select to this “Account” option.

3. There will be another option of “Account preferences”. And below of this option, there will be another option of “Delete your account or services”.

4. After choosing this option, there will be another option of “Delete products”.

5. There will be the demand of entering your password.

6. If you think that there is any important data in your Gmail account, then you will be given the option of “Download Data”. Through clicking on this option, you will be able to save your important data.

7. You will need to put an email address that will be work as alternative on your Gmail account. Before choosing an alternative email address, male it sure that you can get access to this email address.

8. After choosing an alternative email address, you will need to select on the option of “Send verification email”.

9. Open your alternative email account on Google and you will get the link of account deletion.

10. Then you will get access to your Gmail account that is needed to be deleted.

11. There will be an option of “Yes, I want to delete my account. When you will click on the choice of delete my account, then your accounts and all your data will be delete that will be in your Gmail account.

Why you will need to delete your Gmail account?

There are some situations, in which it is necessary to delete your gamil accounts. It is real that you will need to buy Gmail accounts for your business. But if you are boring by using Gmail PVA accounts, then you should delete your Gmail accounts.

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