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How To Delete A Rediffmail Account Permanently?

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There are numerous reasons why email users consider deleting their email accounts. Some of them feel the danger that their email account will be hacked or traded off. A few clients would like to change to some other email service. Some email users have various email accounts, and they need to delete email accounts that they don’t further for any use.

If you have a Rediffmail account, however, it isn’t being used now; you can delete it all time once for all. Not at all like numerous other email accounts, Rediffmail does not give its users the choice to deactivate their Rediffmail account if you don’t use your email for more than three months after, the email is removed by Rediffmail from the system forever.

How to Delete Rediffmail Account Permanently?

How To Delete A Rediffmail Account Permanently

You can follow the steps to Delete Rediffmail Account Permanently:

Log in to your Rediffmail account. (Go to Rediffmail.com)

Go to your inbox and browse all email messages.

Click the ‘Delete’ button.

What’s more, at that point, tap on the ‘Log Out’ button

Your record will be deleted for all time following three months. On the off chance that you will attempt to login into your Rediffmail account during this period, your data won’t be erased.

What happens when you will delete your Rediffmail account permanently?

When your Rediffmail account is erased, all your email settings will be erased from the Rediffmail system. Furthermore, you will not have the option to utilize your email address to send and get messages. In case you change your mind after erasing the account, you can login and recover it. This is only valid for up to 3 months; otherwise, Rediffimail will delete your account permanently. Your email contacts won’t have the option to utilize your email account later on. Click here:- mylabcorp.

Keep in mind and your Gmail service will be removed, not your budget. You will even now have your buys and activities you made on Google Play. If you want to permanently delete your Rediffimail from the system, refrain from logging in to your Rediffimail account.


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