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How to Declutter your Mind by Decluttering your Surroundings

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Most people have days when their thoughts and emotions are not organised. This may result in feeling overwhelmed, or how most people like to put it, you may feel that your mind is “decluttered”. 

Imagine yourself in a room where the furniture is not organised, clothes are laying everywhere, and the entire room is in a mess. Being in an unorganized setting will keep you distracted and steal your focus from whatever you are doing. You may feel agitated and annoyed, and you may be forced to walk out of the room because of the unsettling feeling. Now imagine the same scenario but instead of a room, it is your mind. Almost 60,000-80,000 thoughts cross your mind every day. Keeping your surroundings clutter-free is important because it has a direct impact on your mental stimuli, your ability to focus on certain tasks, and the energy of your state of mind. 

This guide will lay out the points of how decluttering your surroundings can put you in a better mindset and mental state, allowing you to focus more on the tasks at hand. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel less overwhelmed about situations. 

How to keep your surroundings clutter-free

  1. Set a schedule

It is essential to create a schedule that will help you put all your tasks and surroundings in order. A great way to go about it is by setting a decluttering schedule for 10-15 minutes. In this time slot, you can take out time to organise your surroundings and get rid of all the unwanted things that are taking up space in your room or home. This can be turned into a habit and as a part of your daily routine, followed by another essential task that you do daily. 

  1. Create positive habits

Create habits that will positively impact your life. Positive habits allow you to have a tunnel vision and lets you approach certain situations with a positive mindset. Negative thoughts tend to declutter your mind as it takes a toll on your mental health and diverts attention. Surround yourself with items that bring positivity into your life. 

  1. Avoid indecision

Procrastination and delayed decision-making process are major contributors to cluttering your mind. We face significant and insignificant decisions on a day-to-day basis. It is imperative to be decisive to avoid confusion and to be able to make concrete decisions daily.

  1. Enjoy what you do

Even the smallest of accomplishments give a sense of achievement and pride. It is one of the ways to stay dedicated to the tasks at hand and to get a better attention span. Any task that you enjoy doing will have a positive impact on your mental capacity.

  1. Make priorities

Prioritizing your tasks for the day and making a list of them will allow you to focus more on the significance of every task. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when you are bombarded with work, which clutters your mind with stress and worry. Assessing the importance of every task and listing it based on its urgency will help you stay organised and clear. 

  1. Place objects in rotation

If you want to declutter your surroundings, the main idea behind it is to keep it as minimal as possible and remove all unwanted objects. If certain things are important to you, you can make them a part of your surrounding in rotation to change the setting from time to time. 

  1. Reduce multitasking 

Multitasking is a significant contributor in mind cluttering as it does not allow you to focus on one task at hand. Multitasking reduces efficiency as your attention is divided among different tasks. This also leads to reduction in productivity. 

  1. Make time for relaxation 

Relaxation is imperative to maintain a healthy flow of thoughts. Stressful days and negative atmosphere can distract you from what is important. Taking out time for yourself to destress will helps in rejuvenating your mindset and helps to clutter your thoughts. It can be in the form of pursuing your favourite hobby or even meditation. There are several banquet halls in Delhi that host meditation sessions and seminars to adopt a more stressful lifestyle. 

  1. Filter the flow of information 

Filter the information that you absorb during the day. It is not easy to filter every thought that comes to your mind but you can control the amount of time you spend on each thought. 

  1. Limit the amount of media intake

We have easy access to social media these days and the information we absorb from media platforms are engraved in our subconscious minds. Therefore, it is advised that we should limit the time spent on social media applications as it clutters our mind with unnecessary inhibitions.  


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