How To Customize SEO Packages

How To Customize SEO Packages

SEO is the key to the success of digital marketing. It is the tool that helps your brand to crawl through the search engine and makes itself visible to the targetted viewers or customers. No wonder that there is a huge demand for SEO services from all business types. 

Considering that there is a huge demand, a lot of agencies have popped up that promise SEO services. These agencies offer ala carte SEO because every business would have different SEO needs. So, how do these agencies custom SEO packages? Here is a glimpse of how generally SEO agencies design customized packages:

  1. Understand the business: The first step to customizing the SEO package is to understand the client’s business. This is essential to understand and define the ratio of SEO elements that shall form the package. For example, If the client is a fashion label. The SEO package would focus more on website optimization and social media optimization. Especially Instagram and Facebook and very less of LinkedIn. Therefore, a clear understanding of what is the business type, size and magnitude of operations is a must. 
  2. Understand the vision: The second step is to understand the brand’s vision for SEO. In other words, what is the goal the business wishes to achieve through SEO. This is essential to plan the depth of each element of SEO. For example, if the brand wishes to use SEO exclusively for brand visibility, then the focus would be more on pulling the traffic to the website. Thus, it is essential to understand what are the SEO goals from the client’s perspective. 
  3. Understand the budget: The third and the defining element of an ala carte SEO is the budget that the client is capable or is planning to invest. This information is necessary to define the magnitude of the SEO plan. In other words, to decide how frequent and head on the plan would be. 
  4. Design the package: Based on the information gathered from the above-mentioned 3 points and backed with the agency’s strategy results in the designing of a custom SEO package. Here are the 3 broadly referred and prefered SEO packages:
  • Monthly: The classic package is the monthly package wherein the agency is empanelled with the business on a monthly retainer model. In other words, the agency agrees to offer a defined set of SEO tools for an allocated budget. Thus, it is the agency’s job to ensure all the SEO services approved are performed. 
  • Hourly: Like the name, this is a package wherein the agency offers SEO services on an hourly basis. In this package, the agency offers services based on the number of hours spent on providing SEO services to the company. 
  • Project wise: This is one package that SEO agencies provide services project-wise. This package is for companies that deal with a gamut of products and services. So the SEO can be when they have these products and services launch. 

The above-mentioned structure is a base framework, however, in actuality, SEO agencies create custom SEO packages based on more elements. 

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