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How To Cure Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, And Back Pain

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Blood pressure, insomnia, cancer, kidney disease, and back pain. All these diseases are like football players, each complementing the other. Their final aim is to hit the goal, to destroy the opponent! Like soccer players, these diseases control and supplement each other. If you do not know how to treat them properly, one makes way for another. When the players violate the game rules, they must be shown the red card, one by one, and marched out of the field! Alike this, these diseases need to be dealt with!

If you have back pain, that doesn’t mean kidney disease. But if you have kidney disease, indeed, you have back pain! But the trouble with kidney disease is that it attacks you silently, and by the time you realize that you have it, it has assumed dangerous proportions—best Dialysis in Lucknow. I am sure you cannot afford lifetime dialysis or a kidney transplant!

I remember an anonymous poet who said, God, do not give death to poor persons; they don’t have enough money for the firewood for burning the dead body!

According to the survey conducted by the National Kidney Foundation, 20 million Americans have this disease, and another 20 million are on the verge of the disease. This means that about 40 million Americans have backache due to kidney disease. Adding to these figures the number of people with only backache, you will get the whole American population suffering from back pain!!

Proper functioning of your kidneys and blood pressure are related. If one is alright, there should be no problem with the other. Overall, body health depends upon the kidneys. Once every 30 minutes, the entire bloodstock within your body passes through your kidney. The wastes are filtered out, reaching the bladder to pass as urine. Kidneys contain a million nephrons, the tiny vessels that do the job of filtering the blood.

With several people suffering from several diseases simultaneously, the disorders are clearly telling you that they all are one! Treating each condition with a different medication type is the problem’s root cause. It shows a need for more understanding of how the human body system functions. When natural treatments and regular exercise score over complex pain-suppressing medicines, all diseases will depart much faster than they took to arrive!


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