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How To Create Your iOS App Without Any Programming Experience

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Creating one’s business mobile application is the perfect way to engage website visitors on mobile devices. A custom ios app development or android app development may help you grow your mobile traffic and allow users to spend more time on your pages, all thanks to improved mobile UX/UI. Moreover, you do not always have to be a programming wizard or tech-savvy to create an application that your audience will love. Since the technology industry upgrades itself almost every day, we now have plenty of tools and resources to help us develop an app based on our business requirements.

That’s why we have put across our best tips to help you understand the process of developing mobile applications from scratch, even when you do not have any prior experience with mobile app development. 

Generate an App idea 

It is said that there are no new app ideas now, we only have to riff off the existing ones. Most ideas are variations or combinations of the old ones. However, if you do have an amazing idea, you are good-to-go to our next step. In case you don’t, here are a few techniques you can follow to come up with one.

  1. You can combine your favourite concepts from the existing applications and create a new one. For this, you can think of a few apps you use very often then extract their useful features and meld them together into one. 
  2. Or you can simply talk to your friends and colleagues on the most common problems that any application can not solve. It might work wonders to some of you. If your app can solve their problem, then it’s already a hit. 
  3. If none of these work for you, several applications in the market have room for improvements. Check out their reviews and feedback and try to figure out how to convert it into a better one. 

A competitive market research

Once you finalise your app idea, it is time to conduct research and look out for your competition in the marketplace. It is good to have a competitor because that exhibits that your application is viable, and there is a demand for it. Therefore If you find any competing apps, take note of the following factors:

  1. Name of the application
  2. The objective of the application
  3. The feature set and functionalities
  4. Publisher of the application
  6. Ratings and reviews
  7. Last update

These factors will give you a clear picture to get you off the starting point of the application development. While you do this, observe the competing applications’ standard features, their unique set of properties and the missing attributes that you can add to develop a superior one. 

Validate Your app 

This step is going to be the selling point of your application. We will suggest you take a step back and try deconstructing the idea so that you can convey your audience the motive of your application in 30 seconds. Often people dismiss an excellent app idea because they can’t understand it or get muddled up. 

To validate, get a clear description of your app idea and try pitching it to your family and friends. This might uncover something you missed out. 

Decide the core features for your MVP

Create a vision for your app and keep in mind that it might keep evolving and changing based on testing and user feedback. Once you finalize the concept, take a look at all the features you decided to employ and think about making a simplified version of that app. This version will act as MVP ( minimum viable product) to get into the hands of actual users. This will help you get real-time feedback, and then you can understand your user’s expectations from your app. 

Design Mockups of your app

When it comes to android or iOS app development, the designs are usually intuitive and easy to use. A design mockup requires several components. The major ones are listed below :

Main screen 

See if you want to separate the functionality of your app into different sections or screens. 

Main navigation

This will include your tab bar, the application’s side menu and various other sections of the app. See how you like the mechanism of the navigation, around and inside. 


Usability describes how easily your application serves its purpose. It is directly proportional to the user experience. 

Designing Tools 

You can digitally create a graphical representation of your app’s design using Sketch. The Sketch is a Mac tool that is used for mobile app design and prototyping. 

The other alternatives for designing your app can be Figma, Invision Studio, Framer X etc.

Once you do that, it is time to bring your app to life by creating a graphic design. 

However, it would help if you took care of these factors while finalizing the design.

  1. Take the design that represents your final product’s look.
  2. Can be used in making sales pitches to sell potential partners or investors.
  3. Can be used by the developers to integrate the graphic asset in your project. 

We will recommend you take help from a professional graphic designer as this is a crucial step towards your mobile app development. 

Build Your App

You have a couple of options to build your application. You can stick with whatever suits your budget and requirements. 

Learn to code and build yourself. 

Although it’s time-consuming, it can be a valuable skill set to learn to code. For this, you can check out several free websites and tutorials on the internet.

Hire an app development company

The company can also help you with consulting and project management services. 

Use an app builder 

There are services where you can buy certain templates and then customize it according to your needs. These templates are generally one time free and can easily be modified. 

Once your app is built, your work is done. Now, you can check for bugs and errors and then release it with a bang. Social media is a hit machine if you want to spread the word of your app launch. You can further submit your app to the App Store for official exposure.


If you were a beginner and made it all the way until here, you definitely deserve praise. If we look at it, developing a mobile application is not the most challenging part; however, maintaining it can be one. On that account, make sure you stick to iOS app development and android app development guidelines and turn your idea into a reality. Now, hop along and get started.

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