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How to create a super app like Gojek & WeChat?

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According to a recent study (App Annie), an average person has 60 – 90 apps installed on smartphones. Don’t you think it becomes too much for users to handle, considering the deterioration of phone speed and storage? With users relying on on-demand apps for almost every service, switching between different apps for various services can be quite challenging. Besides, having control over multiple orders is another daunting task. Super app has become the new way for people to book various services under one app.

What if a smartphone user can book taxis, order meals, pay bills, chat with friends, and avail of multiple other services via a single app? This increasing need among people has led to a revolution in the on-demand app sector. The rise of ‘Super’ apps marks the beginning of a new phase, wherein one app can potentially replace multiple apps in a smartphone. These Super apps have already created a trend in Asian countries, with due credit to the success of Gojek, Grab, WeChat, etc. 

If you are an entrepreneur aspiring to enter the flourishing on-demand sector, invest your time in this multi-service app model. This blog will look at the rise of multi-service apps and how to create a Super app like Gojek. 

The emerging trend – Super app 

The idea behind Super apps is simple – accessing multiple services under one roof. Super apps can conserve space and give users control over various services. 

When looking at the future of Super apps, almost every tech giant aims to become a multi-service app. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber, Amazon, etc., are striving hard to retain customers by culminating multiple services under their roof. 

The market for Super apps looks bright, with a sea of existing and emerging entrepreneurs venturing into this unexplored space. You needn’t wait any longer, for the time is ripe for entrepreneurs to set foot in this vastly expanding segment.

Super apps that made a mark in the industry 

There are Super apps that gained a massive reception among the audience. Let’s look at some of the top Super apps in the market. 

  • Tencent’s WeChat: This Super app rules the Chinese on-demand app market. With almost two-thirds of the Chinese population accessing the platform, the app has gained a massive reception. WeChat includes multiple services like messaging, social media, digital payments, ride-hailing, financial services, food delivery, grocery delivery, and many more. WeChat has created a benchmark in the Super app industry?
  • Gojek: If there’s one app currently ruling the entire Southeast Asian market, it is inevitably Gojek. Gojek has gained a stronghold in the Indonesian market, providing services ranging from taxi-hailing to digital payments.
  • Grab: Grab is a taxi startup that gradually gained its position as a Super app. The app primarily focuses on the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets with ride-hailing, food delivery, digital payments, and many more services.
  • Paytm: Considering India’s vast population, Paytm has gained a significant share of the subcontinent’s market. Backed by Alibaba, Paytm provides digital payment services, e-commerce services, and many more. 

Creating a Super app is a piece of cake. 

When it comes to multi-service app development, you can either follow the conventional method of building from scratch or the more advanced method of customizing readymade clone app solutions. You can opt for the latter approach as it is time-conserving, cost-effective, and involves highly scalable solutions. 

Gojek clone built according to the latest market trends and includes unique selling values is bound to succeed in the market. So, what makes a multi-service app unique? There are specific stages that can have a significant impact on the audience. Providing the utmost care to these stages can transform an ordinary app into a Super app. They include, 

  • Gather resources after analyzing the needs: A multi-service app needs to be technically, financially, and market-wise sound to sustain in the market. Adapting the app to the latest market trends and introducing the latest tech stack can come in handy.
  • Design a user-friendly interface: As simple as it may sound, an app’s interface can significantly impact the audience. A user-friendly interface, capable of guiding users towards services, can be the best design one can opt for.
  • Have a feature-loaded front-end: Customers interact with the platform through its front end. If the app cannot draw users’ attention, it cannot sustain an enhanced timeframe. Integrating unique features into the platform can make it attractive, reliable, and captivating. Ensure that your Gojek clone app houses stand-apart features in it.
  • An efficient back-end is necessary: A multi-service app needs to sustain app traffic. With an efficient back-end, a platform can store details securely and manage transactions hassle-free. A robust back-end is necessary to store and encrypt data safely. 

Keeps these things in mind 

While developing and launching a Super app is easy, attracting the audience and sustaining for an enhanced timeframe becomes challenging. It would be best to focus on these factors to gain users’ trustworthiness. These things include, 

  • Privacy: Users looking for a particular service cannot find the services instantly. With multiple functions in a single app, users’ privacy has become a matter of concern. Sharing user details with third-party aggregators needs restrictions and guidelines to make a Super app reliable among customers.
  • Competition: One doesn’t have a specific goal or market with a Super app. The competition is spread across multiple services. To boost the ROI significantly, an app has to succeed in almost every service, making it challenging for an entrepreneur.
  • Hampering user convenience: In an app that houses more than 50 services, users may not find their desired service in a flash. This inconvenience significantly hampers the user experience. 


Super apps are the ones to watch out for shortly. All you need as an entrepreneur is expert assistance by your side. With the market flourishing, this can be an ideal time for entrepreneurs to enter the industry. Reach out to an expert app development company, tell them your ideas and visions, and launch your Gojek clone in no time. 


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