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How to configure my Meshforce WiFi router using the phone app?

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In this digital world. We are surrounded by advanced devices. According to the needs of our daily life, the internet became more important to us. Without the internet we can’t even perform all the digital activities so for an internet connection, There are lots of routers available in the market. But if you are searching for a good performance and best router then the meshforce wifi router is the best option for you, This amazing router comes with lots of advanced features, By using this router you can enjoy endless internet speed.

The price range of a meshforce router is affordable by a middle class person. Actually I was also using a router. But the performance of the old router is not too good. Being a youtube creator a high speed internet connection is a must need. So I decided to replace my old router with a mesh force wifi router. Trust me that decision totally changed my life now I can upload, download videos very easily without buffering. The meshforce setup is also too easy. You can easily complete the process so here we are going to configure the meshforce router using the phone app.

Meshforce wifi router configuration through app

The setup process of meshforce wifi router is too easy but in actual you need to do lots of steps. That can confuse you so here are some simple steps to configure your meshforce router through app –

  • Before starting the configuration you must require a cable, meshforce app, a mobile device with internet connectivity and internet.
  • Simply download the mesh wifi router app from the playstore of your mobile device. Both IOS or android versions are available. Simply download the version according to your phone.
  • Now you need to connect its wires. Simply connect your modem with the router by using a cable and power on the router. By plugging the adaptor into an electrical outlet.
  • Open the WI-FI settings on your android mobile or IOS and search for active network’s. After completing the searching process you will get a list of nearby active networks.
  • Simply connect with your meshforce wifi router network. (if you are unable to recognize your router wifi network. The network name or SSID and password is printed on the label of the router).
  • After connecting, launch your meshforce wifi router app and the app will automatically detect your nearby network. In case, if the router is unable to detect then you need to enter the details manually to connect.
  • Change the wifi name or set a new password. The password should be in 8 characters and use a strong password. After that, simply click on “Save” and it’s done.

In this way you can easily complete the configuration through the app. And enjoy a high speed internet connection.

Mehsforce wifi router login

To complete Meshforce wifi router login you need to follow some activities that are given below –

At first connect your computer, laptop with your meshforce router using ethernet cable. After connecting, open any web browser on the same device in which you are connect with the router, In the address bar type and search for it. You will land on the configuration setup page, Here it will ask you to input username or password. You can find the login details in the label of your router. After completing Meshforce M3 router login you will enter on the main admin portal here you can make changes and setup easily.

Meshforce wifi router reset

The reset process is too easy but keep in mind that after performing a reset you will lose all the saved data and you need to reconfigure your meshforce wifi router.

Look at the back side of your router and a small reset button is available near to the LAN port. Simply keep pressing the button until the router enters on factory reset mode, You can confirm it through LED indicators behavior. After completing the process the LED indicators turn green colour. Just restart your router and reset is completed.


The meshforce wifi router is the best for your home use and small type of business. The price range is also affordable. By using this router you can enjoy endless video streaming, online games. And it fulfills all the basic requirements of your internet in daily life. The setup process hardly takes 2 minutes, So go for it and enjoy a high level of internet speed.

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