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How to configure belkin n450 router with troubleshooting guide

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My name is Jenny and I am from the USA. I am here to share my experience with a belkin n450 router. Actually I am a creator and I have to upload regular videos on my youtube channel, But to perform these activities and keep eye on regular updates must require a good signal strength of network and high speed connectivity. That time I was using a router for internet connectivity. Being a creator you know how much attention you need to make a video. So in my house my room is in 2 nd floor where no one can disturb me during work.

But there was a problem with the network range. What a frustrating situation for me, So I asked one of my friends, he suggested to use a Belkin n450 router. So I placed the order. After getting the device easily by taking help. Easily setup process is completed through http belkin range setup. From that day that decision was a life changing decision, Now I am totally impressed by this awesome devices. So let’s go to complete the belkin n450 setup in simple ways.

Configuration of Belkin n450 router

Before going to complete the setup lets see some awesome features of the Belkin n450 router. It will come with two antennas and a lan port to connect your device with cable. The speed of 300mbs. Supports 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ networks. The network speed is depending on Wi-Fi bands which you are using. Right now I am totally happy with this device without any problems. Let’s go for a setup.

The setup process of belkin n450 router is not too tough, You can easily complete the setup just need to properly configure your router and power it “ON” Then connect any device to your router wifi network here are some simple steps given below –

First you need to connect your modem to the PC by using an ethernet cable. Now you need to connect the router to the modem on the WAN port. Simply power on both devices by plugging the adapter into an electric outlet. The LED indicators start to flash. In your computer open any web browser like chrome, bing, safari and in address bar type http belkin range setup and search it, A new configuration page will appear. Enter your login information. After entering the login portal a setup button will appear simply click on it. Follow the instructions showing on the screen and simply your setup is completed.

Belkin n450 router Troubleshooting

Here are some troubleshooting problems that can be face by users and solutions

Cant access to the internet

If you are facing this kind of issue firstly verify the LED indicators are blinking on green color. If not then you will need to reconfigure your belkin n450 router. After completing the process retru to access the internet and may your problem be solved.

Slow internet connectivity

If you are facing the issue of slow internet connection. Then just place your router near to your PC. Distance also matters; it can impact your internet speed. You can also change the location of your router try to place in a ventilated area.

Can’t access router configuration page

This problem is so common many times users face this kind of issue, Just be sure that your browser is totally compatible with the open router configuration page. And also clear all the history of your web browser. Then try again, If still the problem is not solved then can check on any other web browser may it start work. Don’t forget to enter the default and right IP Address of your router.

So these are some common issues that users face by users. You can fix these issues by following instructions given.


In the end of the article, We can say that the belkin n450 router is the best that allows you very high speed internet connection. Lots of advanced features you will got in this router, The setup process is also too easy. This is the best for home use or small types of business. The price range is also too affordable and can be easily afforded by a simple person, So go for it and enjoy unlimited high speed of internet connection.

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