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How To Clean Zip Blinds

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Making the most of your balcony or patio doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. By installing zip blinds in your Singapore home, you can maximize your living space. 

If you already have secure zip blinds installed or are still thinking about it, it helps to know that they’re easy to care for. You’ll spend little time in maintenance and more time enjoying your home. 

Zip blinds transform your balcony or patio into an enclosed space where you can spend the day away comfortably. Here are tips on how to clean your zip blinds:

  1. Dust it off. Keep dust and debris from accumulating on the blind’s fabric. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. The appearance of your zip blinds can also affect your home’s aesthetic appeal. However, you’ll want to avoid spending too much time cleaning and removing stubborn debris. Schedule a regular cleaning to keep debris from settling in and leaving stains. By doing this, you also avoid the fabric from deteriorating. You can keep your zip blinds in good quality for many years. 
  1. Use warm soapy water. You can also use lukewarm soapy water to clean your blinds. But be sure to rinse it off with clean water immediately. You can then help the surface of the fabric dry faster by using a soft sponge or cloth. It’s crucial to dry your zip blinds completely to keep them from attracting molds.
  1. Avoid using abrasive equipment. Be careful when choosing which solutions or cleaning tools to use for your zip blinds. Avoid using abrasive chemicals or solvents. Prevent scratching the surface of the blinds and stick to soft cloth or tools to get rid of any dirt.
  1. Spray the zips. Zip blinds don’t always require lubrication. But if your area tends to be dusty, using a silicone or food-grade spray can help make lowering and raising your blinds easier. Spray the tracks from top to bottom using minimal amounts of spray. Then, be sure to open and close the blinds afterward to spread the liquid evenly.  Don’t use an oil-based lubricant spray as it can damage the tracks. To be sure, contact your supplier for product recommendations.
  1. Avoid leaving your blinds rolled up for a long time. Don’t leave your blinds closed for a long time, especially since the weather in Singapore is warm year-round. Also, let your blinds dry completely after every cleaning. 

Install Easy-Care Zip Blinds for Your Singapore Home

Zip blinds, as a window treatment, are becoming increasingly popular among Singapore homeowners for the safety, security, and privacy that they offer. 

They come with several advantages and features, and they’re also easy to clean. Cleaning them regularly not only keeps them looking great but also helps increase their longevity. 

Note, though, that zip blinds can be made from various materials. Consider the type of material used for your blind when choosing cleaning agents, tools, and methods. Wrong products and applications can damage your blinds. 

To know more about secure zip blinds, contact a trusted supplier in your area. 


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