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How To Choose Your First Vape (The #1 Guide For Beginners)

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Vaping method is very much in trend nowadays; many people already switch from smoking to vaping as it is lighter than smoking. If you are a new person in vaping, you need to know enough about vaping, in which choosing the first vape is equally important. There are two methods or style of vaping that is famous which is Mouth to lung(MTL) and Direct to lung(DTL). 

As per the increasing popularity of vaping, many people considered MTL as the best vaping style. If you want to try this, then you can get the best MTL vape tools and equipment from online sites to try your hand in it. 

You can find various options to choose the first vape and buy stuff from sites, which might get confused, here we can help you choose your first vape. 

An important thing to remember while choosing your vape is finding the best site that provides multiple vape tools and flavor options so you can choose the best things for yourself as you are trying it for the first time. 


For beginners, one kit is the best option to choose from, as it is like a pen-style kit that is easy to use and carry around. Try to find reliable, easy to use, comfortable to use, convenient to charge, etc., in your first vaping kit. 

As I already mentioned, Mouth to the lung is the most famous vaping style, and most beginners start their vaping by using the MTL style of vaping. And one kit is an MTL device designed in a way that stores smoke in the Mouth first then passes it into the lungs of an individual. 


If you want to have your vape device, then these are some vape devices in which you can choose the best option for you:


Vape pen

As a beginner in the vaping method, you need to choose the best vape device to enjoy the process of vaping and to make it enjoyable; you can try vape pens. Vape pens are versatile and portable and the best option for new vapers. They are light in weight and easy to carry, and very much cheap than the box mod.

If you want to switch from smoking to vaping, then, in that case, vape pens are the best choice to choose. 


Box mod

Box mod has disposable cartridges that require replacement after a certain time. It is a long and wide pen-shaped device with large-sized batteries that makes its performance better and easier. It is available in the shape of the box and more sophisticated than other vaping pen-style devices. 

You can find various box modes that allow the user to control temperature and wattage by changing the settings. 



Vaping is the best alternative method for someone who likes to smoke, as vaping is very much less harmful than smoking. The famous styles of vaping are MTL and DTLin which the first choice of beginners is MTL. You can find a variety of flavor and vaping tools or devices from online sites. And if you are a beginner and want to try a vaping method, try the best MTL vape tools to make your first experience more enjoyable. 



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