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How to Choose the Right Perfume Gift Sets for Men?

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Fragrance gift sets, compared to designer perfumes, are pretty underrated. Buying perfume for a loved one is always a special gesture. It shows how much you know about them and their taste.

But individual perfume might be okay for some occasions. But for a particular Valentine’s Day or Anniversary present, it might sound a bit dull.

That’s why you need men’s perfume gift sets. Wrapped in beautiful packaging, a perfume gift set usually has other supplements—aftershave, some colognes, a body mist, or a selected set of two to three perfumes.

 While gifting a perfume set, there are some things you need to consider. The goal is to find an aroma that definitively suits your man’s personality and portrays the best version of themselves.

Here are the features you need to consider before gifting a perfume gift set.

Consider the perfume type

Fragrances come in different concentrations for men. Usually it has four categories—Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne.

Just because he is a man, that doesn’t mean a cologne is the only option. You should consider what kind of smell and concentration he wants.

Remember, a sophisticated, less pungent smell is always more attractive than strong smells.

Understand the personality

The fragrance that we wear has a way of adding to our personality. It signifies you and creates an impression among the people you meet.

So, it is nice to understand their personality whenever you gift a men’s perfume gift set or an aftershave. If you are giving it to your spouse and he is a romantic type, go for a subtle fresh scent. A nice orange, vanilla, or lavender with a little woody smell would be perfect.

For a broody partner, something muskier like moss, cinnamon would suit more. You can start by knowing about their previous perfumes to get an idea.

Of course, you can experiment with things a little bit. But it is essential to understand that the fragrance should match your man’s natural scent.

Analyse the notes

Every nice perfume will have several notes. But three of them are the most dominant. The notes progress slowly.

Usually, the top note hits first. It is made of flowery or citrus ingredients as those are sweeter and lighter.

The middle note persists longer than the top note and is the heart of every fragrance. The middle notes set the tone of the perfume. It consists of spices, fruits, or other heavier ingredients.

The base note is the foundational note, and it gives the masculine or feminine vibe of every perfume. Mostly it is unpleasant to the nose on its own and is composed of cedarwood, tobacco, musk, moss, etc., for men.

Only buy from trusted brands

There are many shops in the market to buy your designer men’s perfume gift set from, but not all of them can offer genuine quality.

That is why you should be very careful when buying perfume sets. A designer perfume, of course, has its own merits, but online stores sell first-hand copies of such perfume.

If you are buying brands like Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Armani, etc., get your products from a store like FCP. They not only give 100% quality assurance but all their products are trusted and tested.

The perfect gift is different for different people. Although designer perfumes are often preferred, that doesn’t mean a perfect gift has to be huge. There are tons of options for a cheap perfume gift set for men that has mesmerising scents.


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