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How To Choose The Best Foreign Language School

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Whether you’re moving abroad, working for a foreigner-owned company, or are interested in learning another language, choosing a language school is entirely a personal decision. 

Even if learning English in Singapore is at the top of your to-do list for a while now, don’t rush into it. Choosing a class only because your close friend is taking it may leave you bored or uninspired halfway. You don’t want that. 

To help you compare your options, here are some tips in choosing the best foreign language school for your unique needs. 

1.) Think about your learning style. 

Do you pick up lessons faster when visuals are used? Do you prefer being provided with modules that you can study on your own? 

See if the language school offers a programme that matches your learning style. If you’re already enrolled in one, feel free to let your instructor know if you need some changes to your lessons. 

For instance, you can request that they include visuals more often or provide more opportunities to communicate without correcting your grammar. 

2.) List down your goals. 

What do you want to achieve after completing your language class? Do you see yourself speaking the conversational language more confidently? Do you want to be able to write simple words or sentences? 

Whatever your goals are, remember to be realistic. A language is broad and it can’t be mastered in a week or even a month. It requires consistent practice and commitment. 

The advantage of having a clear goal is that you can set your focus and avoid feeling like you’re going nowhere. 

3.) Check the class size. 

Class sizes vary. Usually, the fewer the students, the more attention each can receive from the instructors. 

If you’re planning to join a group class, check their limit for the number of students. 

If you feel you’ll be learning more from a one-to-one class, see if the foreign language school offers private lessons.

4.) Ask about the instruction method. 

What can you expect from your classes? Do the instructors do all the talking? Do they dedicate more hours to practicing conversations? 

Are they also using presentation tools and various media formats? Is it possible to retake lessons in case you miss them? 

If you have erratic schedules, find a language school that offers recorded lessons that you can review and replay at your convenient time. 

5.) Compare fees and schedule. 

japanese language school

To ensure a positive learning experience, see if the fees are reasonable. Is there a minimum package that you can sign up for? 

Do their schedules match yours? How often are lessons offered? You don’t want to keep missing your classes. Choose an English school in Singapore that offers a flexible schedule.

Make learning English in Singapore a memorable experience

The best foreign language school is one that satisfies your unique preferences, needs, and goals. 

Feel free to get in touch with a representative if you have further questions. This will also allow you to assess the staff and their customer support team. 

While you’re at it, see if the English school in Singapore is registered with MOE. You want to ensure it’s run by professionals and adheres to industry standards. 


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