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How to choose the best ecommerce shipping

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Regardless of whether you’re a small business just beginning to scratch the surface of regular sales or are a big corporate entity that’s already well established in its respective niche. Ecommerce shipping that’s reliable and well-thought out is important in both cases.

As people order stuff from you, you will need to be able to provide them with a cheap and secure solution for their products to arrive from your online shop. Otherwise, they will simply go to your competition in order to be able to send parcel to Italy, Germany or any other country in Europe.

In this article, we will talk about what features you should focus on as a business in order to find the right shipping option for you. We understand that it can be rather difficult to find a solution, which is exactly, why we’ve prepared this in-depth article.

Weight of parcel

In many cases, delivery sum is directly linked with the weight and size of each parcel that you’re sending.

In many cases, smaller packages are best shipped using flat rates. Which means that each of your shipment is being paid for with the same sum. Couriers often offer great deals that allow you to have a shipment for a reasonable price.

In the case that you’re sending something more heavier, your best bet would be to look for a private courier. That can take up such a task of sending your bigger items safely and conveniently.

Another thing to think about in this regard is insurance. Since you’ll be sending a massive amount of items, many couriers can offer great insurance deals. In order to make sure that products can travel safely in the case that something happens.

This is especially crucial, if your products are fragile and need extra security just to make sure.

Cost of shipping itself

Obviously, every business wants the best value for their buck. As a business you want to evaluate whether a courier can ensure you the best possible conditions for you to partner them up.

However, there’s also the client’s point of view. Most shoppers expect a free shipping option in an online store and if they don’t find it. They usually just abandon their cart altogether. It can increase costs for you. However, it’s definitely a worthwhile sacrifice in order to ensure that clients stay and shop in your business.

Some businesses choose to set a threshold for buyers. Which means if a person wants free shipping they will have to buy products for a certain minimal sum.

This is good for you and the buyer and can be considered a fair alternative for both sides.

International solutions

Another thing is to consider whether the courier offers international delivery solutions for your business. As a business, you’ll likely expand or aim exactly at that, which is why it’s important to find the right solution for such deliveries.

For customers, they’ll also look for rather cheap prices for international shipping. A good firm can guarantee for you for a competitive price.

Last thing, is to make it clear for the customers that you’re not responsible for custom duty for their parcels. Each country has its own restrictions and inspection procedures, you’re just the delivery guy. Anyway, this should be well known and common for the person.

Delivery speed

Naturally, speed is kind when it comes to shopping and delivery. Its best to guarantee a specific period of time in which a product for the person will arrive. You might want to think about setting up a prompt informing which products will arrive faster and which will later.

Many couriers can help you set up casual as well as express shipping options. The latter of which can guarantee a delivery of 1-3 for international packets. Ensuring a person speed and safety should be crucial for any online business looking to succeed.

Packing the items

When you send out items for your buyers, you have to make sure that they are safely and properly packaged in order for the item to arrive as it is. You might even consider using materials that are eco-friendly or recycled. It will demonstrate that you’re environmentally conscious as a business.

When it comes to courier, they might assist you in giving you the right advice for packaging in terms of shape, form as well as weight limitations which we’ve talked about a bit earlier.

All in all

In this article we’ve talked about the main things to consider when choosing courier partners for an ecommerce business. As a businessperson, you have to find the right people willing to offer you conditions that will make you competitive as well as won’t run you down to the ground with expenses.

We hope you found this article useful and good luck shipping. Prepared with the help of Ecoparcel.eu – international parcel shipping.


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