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How to choose professional house cleaning services provider in Singapore

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If you have your hands full daily, cleaning the house sometimes takes the backseat. 

But not being able to declutter, organise, and sanitise for too long can lead to the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. 

Now more than ever, you’ll want to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy place for your loved ones. 

If you find yourself unable to do regular cleaning, consider hiring a house cleaning services provider in Singapore. Here are some tips to help you find reliable cleaners.

  1. Check licenses and professional background. Check if the cleaning company has necessary licenses in place, including one from the National Environmental Agency (NEA). You’ll want to make sure that you’re welcoming professional cleaners to your home. Know more about their experience in the industry and the people that make up their team.
  1. Ask about their services. Standard services will most likely include cleaning different areas of the house, including the bathroom and the kitchen. If you need to have the interior parts of your appliances cleaned, be sure to let the cleaners know right away. Verify if there’s anything not included in their services so you can set your expectations. A professional cleaner will inform you of the scope of their services before starting the job. They’ll do their best to assist you with your home cleaning needs as long as the safety of their workers isn’t compromised.
  1. Request quotes. An estimate of their service fees is likely posted on their website. But if possible, do request a site visit so the cleaning agency can provide you with a more realistic quote. This way, you’ll also get to meet the team and learn more about their services and expertise. You can also show them if you have specific concern areas and, in turn, they can advise you if they’re able to handle the task for you. Usually, you can hire a cleaner for a one-time job or hire them for regular house cleaning services. They’ll be honest from the start if there are cases where they charge extra. For instance, you might need them to clean a lot earlier in the day or during a declared holiday.
  1. See customer reviews. Find out what their clients have to say about their services. You’ll want trustworthy people working in your home, especially if you won’t be around to check on them. It also helps to ask for referrals from people you trust or those within your community. See if the cleaners are pleasant to work with and are easy to talk to. 

Use professional house cleaning services for peace of mind

The number one benefit of working with a house cleaner is the convenience and quality output. 

Professionals know how to carry out the task safely and efficiently, so you, on the other hand, can relax. You also won’t have to think about tools and equipment as cleaners already take care of that for you. 

Don’t forget – check if the professional house cleaning services provider in Singapore offers competitive pricing for their work, if they’re easily accessible, and have a positive reputation among their clients. 


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