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How to Choose Paver Colours

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Everyone knows that pavers, whether travertine or brick, make a great statement about a home! While you choose the colour of your pavers remember they should match the tones of your home, landscape, and surroundings. That’s why Paving Exeter services by and Groundworks offer you so many different colour options. You can bring more light and character to your indoor, balcony, or pool porch with any colour options selected by Paving Exeter services. Just keep in mind that not everything needs a perfect match. The paver colours should match your home and tie the perfect place together. Understanding your vision before starting your paving project is important in choosing the right paving colour.

Basic Principle While Choosing a Paver Color:

Paving Exeter services suggests choosing hues that suit your home. For example, fewer bright light shades than your home has, will not compete with them, allowing the house itself to serve as a focal point without confusing the eye.

Consider the Impact:

Are you adding an extension to your existing balcony? or Maybe you connect your driveway to the backyard with a walkway. Each of them may be suitable when applied with different paving colours. When you add something to the existing balcony you may decide to fill in the colour that compliments even if not matches it exactly

Consider Sunlight on your Pavers:

When designing your space, it is important to look at where the sunlight is hitting and for how long. Colours can change over time depending on the intensity of the sun. If the area is completely shady, you may want to choose brightly colored panels that will brighten up the area.

 Monotone or Multicolored?

The inclusion of monotone paint means that the selected colour is pure and without contrast. It is usually modern and smooth but the problem is that it will show large and small spots that may catch your eye almost every time you look.

 Travertine Paver Colors:

Travertine pavers are cut from natural rock. Natural stone carvings have a special look, very different from man-made ones. The colour variation of travertine is very limited compared to man-made brick panels. All travertine paver colours consist of a variety of Ivory, Gold, Walnut, and Silver.

 Brick Paver Colours:

The colours of the brick paver are obtained by adjusting the pigments. Because brick pavers are man-made, you have many colors to choose from. Brick paver colours can be very different from travertine. You can choose from a wide selection of Solid Gray Cement Based Colors, Blended Gray


When it comes to pedestrian routes, oil stains and tire marks are inevitable. In the backyard pattern, spills from barbecue grease, bird droppings, and other potential spots are also possible. Think of how much trouble a stain will cause you.

If stains are a nuisance and you install pavers every time the stain occurs is not an easy thing, however, multi-colored panels are a way to go for this. These pavers usually vary twice or more in colour and tend to hide stains very well. Also, because the multi-colored pavers apparently have a lot of colour in them, they tend to blend freely in existing areas.Paving Exeter services have experts for installing premium coloured paving for your place.

 Matching Pavers to Roof Color:

Some experts believe that matching the colour of the walkway, driveway and pavers with the color of home roof is the way to go because this strategy combines many colours together. Colours do not need to be exactly the same but should be of the same hue. Look at pictures online and in homes to determine if this strategy appeals you.

 Consider What You Can Change:

Most of the time, homeowners fall in love with a paver colour that may not be exactly the same as the exterior of the home. Take a look around the area and see if you can tie in colour by re-painting the windows, changing the rainwater drainage and downspout, changing the colour of the front door or refreshing other accents.


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