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How to Choose Garden Furniture for a Beautiful Exterior

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Today’s day is so important to present the exterior of our house as the interior. That is why we have many possibilities when it comes to adding garden furniture sets to our home. There are elegant, practical, and classic furniture with many different models.

Trends bring us furniture made from natural materials and modern furniture with simple and decorative shapes. There are a few things we should keep in mind while choosing furniture, such as the type of space we want to create or the material we like the most. Pay attention to decorating with these ideas of garden furniture.

What kind of space do we need

It is important to know whether all we want is a place to eat with family, a place to talk, have dinner, or a place to relax or sunbathe. There is furniture for every type of place, and that is why when choosing them we have to think about the furniture type according to the garden. In general, we see places where we find comfortable sofas to relax or talk, but also spaces with tables and chairs, which are ideal for family meals. We may also be one of those people who only want to sunbathe outside, for which sunlight or even Bali beds would be preferable. However you plan to spend your time, don’t forget a deer fence to keep wildlife at bay providing you with a calm, safe environment to relax on your furniture for years to come.

Garden Furniture Materials

The material we choose in outdoor furniture is also important. We have wood, which is one of the great classics, and is normally treated to be able to be outside without going bad. If you live in a humid climate, tropical forests are preferable.

El metal is highly resistant, although it is not as hot as wood when doing exterior decoration. However, if we want a garden in the old style, we can always opt for wrought iron furniture.

Another type of furniture that is usually very popular abroad is rattan garden furniture or wicker, which are very natural and beautiful. In this case we have several models and even colors that go from black to white and the natural tan of the material.

Garden Furniture Styles

The style we choose in our garden will also condition the type of furniture that we have. For the most classic are wooden furniture in dark tones. If we want a romantic touch, we’ll need wrought-iron furniture. And if, on the contrary, we prefer natural, then we will like rattan. Plastic furniture is also there when we are looking for something trendy and low cost. When defining a style, we also need to choose textiles and small decorative details, such as lamps, vases and cushions mixed with patterns or beautiful colors.

Fabric for garden furniture

Even if we have bought furniture, we will always need good fabric to prepare them. You have to choose cushions and also blankets, as they will give you a warm touch. On tables we can add beautiful tablecloths or table runners, and we can include poufs and even some off-road rugs. The great thing about textiles is that we can change the style and color of garden furniture with a touch each season and without the high cost. We can also reuse some of the textiles that we use indoors for the outdoor area if we want to save a bit.

Original garden furniture

Within garden furniture we always find wonderful pieces. If you want the exterior of your home to have a touch of design and sophistication, opt for an exclusive piece of furniture. The most modern and stunning designs will be decorative in themselves, and will undoubtedly surprise everyone who walks by your garden. In this case we see a great rattan sofa with a soft shape design, which is placed beside the pool or in the grass area. 

DIY Garden Furniture

If all we want is a low-cost alternative to garden furniture, we can use upholstered panels. By stacking several pallets you can make a base, and with them we can easily build the back of the sofa as well. We will need only soft cushions to create a comfortable space and some nice robes to make the place a little more comfortable. It is also possible to make tables with pallets, so that everything goes into play, and it is also cheaper. Ideas like this are perfect for those who love crafts and who don’t want to spend big budgets on their garden. The result is still lovely.


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