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How To Choose Between Manual Driving Lessons And Automatic Driving Lesson?

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The two basic types of cars worldwide are manual transmission and automatic transmission, with specific characteristics that distinguish one from another. It often becomes difficult to decide which driving lesson should be taken. Here are a few tips to help you determine what driving lesson to focus on when starting. But first, let’s discuss the advantages of both manual and automatic driving lessons.

 Advantages Of Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving lessons may seem complicated to learn initially. But with a significant amount of effort, you will be able to overcome the challenge of learning manual driving. Here are specific facts that will encourage you to take up a manual driving lesson:


Manual cars require minimum investments in the long run compared to automatic cars. The complexities of machinery in automatic vehicles make it more difficult and expensive to fix. On the contrary, the cost of repairing a manual car is much lesser than that of automated vehicles. However, the clutch pedal in manual vehicles can be very expensive to repair.

2Just One Driving Test

You are not required to sit for other driving tests if you pass your manual driving test with flying colours. Passing your manual driving test is a piece of cake if you opt for driving lessons from the best driving school in Perth. Passing the first test will portray you as someone capable of abiding by the local road rules for safe driving, and you will be able to drive any car of your choice.

3Better Control

Manual driving will always allow you to have better control over your car. You will learn how to change gears within enhanced to match the road conditions. Moreover, having enhanced control of your vehicle will enable you to move swiftly from congested areas to open spaces.

 Advantages Of Automatic Driving Lessons

1Suited To The Needs Of The Driver

Automatic transmissions are undoubtedly easier to operate. You are not required to engage in gear shifting manually. Also, you need not think about stalling in case of heavy traffic. With automatic driving lessons, you can enjoy the journey by simply keeping your hands on the wheel.

2Comfortable To Use In Urban Spaces

Automatic driving lessons in Perth will ensure you learn how to drive your car smoothly in urban areas. The high traffic in urban areas will require you to change gears frequently. It can be tiring to constantly keep your feet on the clutch to shift gears at frequent intervals. This is where automatic transmission comes to the rescue by alleviating the strain off your feet.

3. Easy To Learn

It is easier to learn to drive automatic cars than manual ones. If you are even minutely scared about driving, you should take up automatic driving lessons. Automatic driving lessons will let you keep an eye on the conditions of the road. So, with automatic driving lessons, you will no longer struggle with changing gears or focusing on the clutch.

 Tips To Decide What Is Best For You

If you compare the two types of driving, both will emerge as a clear winners. Both automatic and manual driving lessons have their own set of pros and cons. It is your unique driving techniques and preferences that will decide which one is the best for you.

Some of your peers might argue that learning to drive manually is necessary because you can always learn automatic driving later. On the other hand, manual driving is challenging to learn. This will divulge your interest in manual driving. However, no matter which driving lesson you decide to undertake, the driving instructors in Perth will teach you with utmost care.

Here are some questions that you will need to consider before choosing which type of driving will be the best for you:

 What Type Of Cars Do You Have Access To?

The first thing you should consider before taking up driving lessons is what type of car you can practice your driving skills in. If you have a manual car at home and take manual driving lessons, it will be easier for you. This will help you to consistently practice learning to drive under the supervision of a parent.

 Do You See Yourself Travelling Overseas?

If you wish to travel overseas to Europe or South America, you should take manual driving lessons.

Because Europeans and South Americans are mainly in favour of manual cars to date, if you wish to rent a car in those areas, you will find that your chances of ending up with manual vehicles are higher.

 What Is It That You Prefer Leaning Towards- Ease Of Use Or A Challenge?

If you like some added challenges and are comfortable multitasking, then manual driving lessons are for you. Some prefer manual driving lessons because they feel it makes them much better at driving. If you learn manual driving, you will have to be more attentive. You will learn to multitask while keeping an eye on the road, changing gears, and working the clutch.

On a contradictory note, some find the task of shifting gears to be a significant distraction. If you have difficulty shifting gears and keeping track of road conditions, you should choose automatic driving lessons.

If you take up automatic driving lessons, you will undergo the same lessons as manual driving. You will acquire the same knowledge about the rules you must follow while driving. The only difference is that automatic driving lessons will be less stressful because you will not multitask. In other words, in the case of automated driving, your car will take care of the gear while you focus on the road.


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