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How to choose a used car?

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Changing cars is often very exciting. But this excitement sometimes obscures the fundamental choice criteria in favor of a drive. The disappointment, after a few days of use, is often great. Maintenance problem, missing papers or simply vehicle unsuitable for your life, do not let yourself get carried away in a purchase as unnecessary as it is cumbersome. Read more here used car.

Choose your seller for used car

Finding used cars in Calvados , or elsewhere, only takes place in two ways: the private seller or the professional seller.

The private seller usually offers good prices and is often open to negotiation. But you don’t get any warranty on the vehicle. Because of this, scams are easier.

The professional seller often offers a guarantee. In addition, the car is serviced before the sale. However, the prices are sometimes exaggerated and some sellers do not hesitate to recommend an expensive vehicle even if it is not suitable for your use.

Establish a budget for used car

As in any act of purchasing a large sum, establishing a budget is an imponderable. Besides the price of the vehicle, you need to take into consideration the costs of operation, maintenance and legal expenses like insurance. 

It is better to know your financial possibilities in advance so as not to fall for the car of your dreams, totally overpriced. Such a purchase, not thought out, can really ruin your budget and push you to a resale, sometimes at a loss.

Define your needs

As you take a look at the different models, a convertible catches your eye… or is it the latest SUV in style? Do not fall for the first model that catches your eye!

To choose the model that will fit into your life, you need to establish your needs. Do you mainly drive in the city? So do you do long distances? Do you have a family? All these indications will help you choose a model that correlates with your existence.

Check the essentials

Before buying your used car, it goes without saying that you should check the condition of the vehicle and give it a test drive.

Outside of the car, the general condition should require your attention. The paint should not be different shades and the body should not be rusty. The tires must be identical on each axle and the assemblies of good quality.

Inside, it’s the general condition of the cabin that makes the first impression. The upholstery, steering wheel, and wear on the pedals provide a fairly realistic view of mileage. So, heavy wear indicates high mileage. Elements of “comfort” such as air conditioning, radio or windows should be tried.

Check papers

When buying a used vehicle, the seller is legally required to provide you with certain documents:

  • the gray card crossed out, signed and dated the day of the transfer date;
  • a copy of the transfer certificate;
  • a technical inspection report, dated less than 6 months;
  • a certificate of administrative status;
  • the transfer code, within 15 days of the transaction.

Insure your new vehicle

Like any vehicle, your used car must be insured. If you buy from an individual, the insurance must be taken out when the registration card is crossed out. With a professional, the car must be insured at the time of delivery. In all cases, it is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle on public roads until it is in order of insurance. More Info here .

Before buying your used car, it goes without saying that you should check the condition of the vehicle and give it a test drive. The used cars in san diego for sale will always be in a proper condition for the customer’s satisfaction.


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