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How to Choose a Shiatsu Back Massager?

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How to Choose a Shiatsu Back Massager?

If you are like me, you dream of a good massage after a hard day at work. His back is sore, his neck is sore, his shoulders are stiff as a rock. But unless you have a lot of money to spend, you cannot afford to go to your masseur every other day. Believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve done this. It is terribly expensive and financially unsustainable.

That is why I turned to automated masseurs. Right now, I have some personality. One of the ones that I use almost every day is my shiatsu back massager. It looks like a seat cover and I just put it on my computer seat when I work on the home computer. Massage in Al Karama

It comes with basic functions like shiatsu massage, rolling massage, heat therapy, and I can control what area of ​​my back I want it to work on if I want to. The combination of heat therapy and shiatsu massage really makes for a very pleasant experience.

The best on the market

I have to say that the one I have is not really one of the best on the market. I bought a cheaper one with basic functions instead of a more expensive one with more options. The customization that I can do with my shiatsu massager is really minimal. For one thing, I can’t control the degree of heat from the thermotherapy. Also, my shiatsu back massager doesn’t rise high enough to fully work on my shoulders.

Looking back, I should have bought a more expensive massager that can work well on my shoulders. It is worth paying a little more to buy a better machine. But with that said, my current machine with its existing limitations is really helping to bring great relief to my aching body. My body is definitely in much better shape since I started using it regularly.

If you are like me, you dream of a good massage after a hard day at work. His back is sore, his neck is sore, his shoulders are stiff as a rock.

If you are considering investing in a good massager, I recommend that you buy one that is versatile enough to work on both your shoulders and lower back. If it can work on your neck, so much the better. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more to buy a better machine. Trust me, every penny you spend on a better machine is worth it.

Chi massage machine – your partner in health and wellness

If you like to do detox diets and are always looking for the ultimate in holistic cleansing and healing, you are certainly familiar with the Chi massage machine by now.

This machine is based on the Chinese principle that the Universe exists of energy and we also have Chi, or energy that must be in constant motion and never stagnate. When you have an illness or injury, it is the result of Chi blockage. To recover and feel good again, you need to stimulate your Chi to keep it flowing. Ancient Chinese philosophy interpreted the blood flow of the human body as the Chi of the body.

The Chi massage machine

The Chi massage machine used in today’s society is based on these principles and has been adapted for the research and study of modern science and healthcare. By using Chi massagers, you can improve blood circulation throughout your body and this, in turn, will help detoxify the lymph nodes and provide good drainage, while also relieving sore muscles. Spa in Media City

If your body wants to stay healthy, you need to clean daily to maintain peak performance, which is why the Chi massage machine mainly focuses on lymph node drainage. Without the smooth movement of the machine, toxins will remain trapped in the body and cannot be eliminated by the body’s own system. Chi massager improves blood circulation throughout the body and thus increases oxygen circulation throughout the body.


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