How to Choose a Good Hair Transplant Clinic?

Hair Transplant

Hair fall is something that happens to the best of men. But this is nothing to worry about as we lose about 60-70 strands of hair daily on average. This is because every hair has a life cycle of growth, resting phase and then falling off phase. So, it’s when hair fall exceeds the new hair growth that we see baldness happening and start searching for a solution. Hair Transplant for Men is the best hair restoration solution with guaranteed long-lasting results.

Hair fall increases due to the presence of chemicals, side-effects of medicines and of course, genes. Yes, certain medical treatments cause hair to fall as do some medicines. Today, a lot of men and women get their hair styled with heat treatments that damage hair. Lifestyle choices, stress and environmental factors also hamper hair growth. This is when a person starts searching on the internet for hair loss treatment for men.

A lot of people start using every DIY treatment available on the internet or trying all sorts of grandma’s recipes as a hair treatment for men.

While wigs as hair fall solutions for men are well known, today a lot of men are going for hair weaves or advanced hair design as these do not have to be taken off and one can lead a normal lifestyle of bathing, swimming, running without worrying about being discovered.

While there are many hair loss treatments for men like OTC medicines, platelet rich plasma therapy and mesotherapy. But these do not offer long-term solutions for hair loss.

One of the best solutions available is hair transplant for men where it is your own hair that grows and is a permanent and best solution for reversing hair fall and baldness.

How Is Hair Transplant Done?

Hair Transplant for men is essentially a surgical technique where surgery is performed by moving the hair from regions that have hair to areas that have no hair. Thus with a hair transplant, you will get back hair on the bald or thinning areas of your head. The hair for transplant is usually at the back of the head from where one does not lose hair too quickly. This section is also quite fertile and the transplanted hair grows with time.

Why is Hair Transplant called Surgery?

This is also called surgery as it uses anesthesia even though it is local. This is like in dentistry where a local anesthetic injection is used to numb the area for a wisdom tooth extraction which is also called a surgery. The doctor will most certainly prescribe medicines to minimize post-procedure pain as well as to prevent any infections from setting in.

How is Hair Transplant Done?

This is done with the help of specialized magnifying lenses. The area is numbed with local anesthesia and the client is awake and aware of the procedure and surroundings. The time taken in a hair transplant is close to 4+ hours in the primary session. A person may require multiple sessions with the doctor depending on the number of grafts.

What are Hair Transplant Techniques?

There are two primary and well-known hair restoration techniques – FUE and FUT. However, Clinic Dermatech which is one of the leading Hair Transplant Clinic For Men in Delhi is offering an advanced form of hair transplant that requires no cuts, no stitches and leaves no scars. What’s more, the procedure is painless and all precautions for hygiene, sanitisation and safety are taken.

How to Choose a Good Hair Transplant Clinic for Men?

While going in for a hair transplant as a  Hairline correction for Men, it’s vital to understand that the requirements and results differ from one person to another. So factors like gender, age, profession, and social environment are taken into consideration.

Keep this in mind with eyes and ears open for the ethics of the center and their attitude and respect for a client’s emotions and privacy.

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