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How to Choose a Gift for Different Kinds of Business Partners

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No company would ever make any progress if it didn’t have business partners. Those are the people that every business owner, manager or entrepreneur has to spend a lot of time with and constantly negotiate new arrangements. If you are one of those dealing with business partners, you understand what we’re talking about and you surely appreciate the importance that business partners play in your professional (and sometimes even private) life. So, it’s only natural that you want to strengthen your relationship. One of the ways to show your appreciation is to give them gifts. But how do you choose one that really resonates with the recipient? To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve prepared the following ideas for gifts, depending on the type of person.

Professional type

Those are people who like to keep everything formal, smart and simple. They are always professional, and it can be challenging to find a gift they would really like. However, you can increase your chances of getting it right by opting for a leather-bound notebook, sleek business card holders, top-quality pens or similar items. The gift has to be related to work, but also tastefully designed, because it has to both delight your partner and show them how much you appreciate your relationship. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it’s crucial that it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Laid-back type

Unlike those who are preoccupied with work and always behave as if they were at work, you probably have business partners who are much more relaxed, both privately and professionally. When it comes to finding a gift for such people, you certainly have to take a different approach. Regardless of whether your business partner is a senior manager or runs a small team of people, they ooze creativity and originality and your gift to them should reflect that. Anything from personalized coffee mugs, calendars with funny comments and custom-made T-shirts to a framed poster with a funny quote can be a good idea, because it would reflect their attitude to work. What they would appreciate more than anything is the fact that you’ve recognized that they are pretty laid-back and made an effort to find a gift that shows it. It’s not easy to buy a gift for such a person if you lack creativity and imagination, but you can always rely on the Internet to provide some great ideas.

Adventurous type

Modern business people understand that physical and mental health are vital, which is why many of them are quite adventurous and love spending time outdoors. You probably have business partners who fall into this category. They love spending time in the open whenever they feel like getting away from their office space in order to recharge and get ready for what tomorrow brings. When it comes to selecting the right gift for them, you can’t go wrong with an item of Tekto gear, a well-designed compass, flask, water bottle or fire-starting kit could also be considered. Not only will your business partner find such a gift useful and practical, but they will also remember you each time they use it, which means they’ll be appreciating your kindness more and more. Don’t buy them clothes or footwear, since you might get the wrong size or design, but focus on gadgets and other small, portable items.

Food and wine lovers

Those doing business with a person who loves, appreciates and cherishes food in a completely different way from those around them are probably the least demanding recipients of gifts. A basket filled with the most exquisite local delicacies is hard to beat when it comes to finding a great gift, though a set of professional knives will also be highly appreciated. Depending on your budget, you can also opt for one of the following: a high-tech pizza oven, a bottle of top-quality olive oil, a chef’s apron and a tin of premium loose tea. On the other hand, those wine lovers will be delighted with a bottle of fine, local produce or some foreign wine that you know is popular.

It’s not always easy to find the right gift for your business partner, since it includes knowing the person and anticipating their reaction. What you should avoid is getting a gift that is too personal or something that looks like a simple choice, which would show you didn’t really invest any effort, because your partner would get the idea that you’re either crossing the line between private and professional relationship. On the other hand, if you manage to get the right present for your business partner, the time, effort and money you invested in finding it will most definitely pay off. Your business partner will appreciate your attention and careful choice, which will have a positive effect on both your relationship and your business.


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