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How to Choose a Cremation Urn

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There are hundreds of cremation urns in the market that you can choose from. With that, there is immense pressure to get the best one for your loved one or for yourself. Despite the complex and complicated emotions involved, choosing an urn is a necessary step in the cremation process. 

The key things that you should consider before selecting an urn are the following: 

What is the Urn Size You Need?

To narrow down your choices for the urns, you have to ask yourself what your plans are: what do you want to do with the ashes? The following may give you an idea of what can be done be done with the cremains

  • Scatter the cremains – For this purpose, you can buy a scattering tube that will make the scattering process convenient
  • Distributing ashes among family– consider buying an urn or a keepsake depending on how many people want to have a keepsake.
  • Sharing ashes with friends– a small urn will be needed, and its number depends on the number of people this ash is being shared with
  • Save ashes to keep together with the partners– you can buy a companion urn, which will hold the cremains of two adults.
  • Keep all cremains to yourself–to store the ashes of an adult you need a full-size adult urn. 

Generally, you need 1 cubic inch for a pound of bodyweight, which a deceased weighed at the time of death. This volume depends on height and build rather than weight alone. 

Also, consider that the empty space in an urn is common so do not shy away from choosing a design if you think it is too large for your requirements. 

What is Your Budget?

Think about your budget. Cremation urns have a large variety, and if you have enough financial capital, you can buy anyone you want. However, if you are on a budget and looking for an affordable urn, then, you should know Direct cremation your budget and choose according to that. For example: 

  • A Modest Budget ($100) – quality cremation urns are available for this price and you could look at overstocked urns, or urn sales, which may cost you less. 
  • Look for urns online as you may be able to find more affordable urns that way. 
  • A Moderate Budget (up to $400) – this budget opens up more options for you and you can choose urns both online and from funeral homes. You can choose from metal urns, crafted urns, marble, and ceramic urns and glass urns may also be available to you.
  • High budgets (over $400)– this budget gives you almost unlimited options when buying urns. You can choose a one-of-a-kind artisan urn or get a designer to make an urn for you. You will have easy access to quality materials; wood, glass, ceramic or expensive metals.
  • Ultimately., what you want to do with the ashes will influence your choice.
  • If you want to keep the ashes or bury the cremains, you must make sure that the urn will fit in the space you want to keep the ashes in. It could be a metallic, stone, or wooden urn, and remember it is good to check where you are burying it before buying an urn. 
  • If you want to scatter your ashes, purchase an ash scattering urn for this purpose.
  • you want to combine the ashes with the partner of the deceased’s, you should buy a companion urn, which might save both the ashes. 
  • keep the urn at home, go for an urn that looks attractive and is according to the spirit of the deceased.  
  • Lastly, whichever cremation urn you select will be a tribute to the deceased and in a beautiful way. When you make these decisions, consulting this list might lessen some of the burdens you feel during this time and might help to give you a sense of closure. 

Urn Style Or Material 

Urns are made of a wide variety of materials such as brass, metals, wood, marbles, and biodegradable materials. Most people choose urns on the basis of how they look. People who value the traditional look, choose a brass urn, or some go for the warmth of a wood box, or some even prefer genuine marble.

If you want a unique piece, you need to check out the glass, ceramic, or raku urns. You should go for marble or cultured marble if you want a sense of permanence in the urn. Cultured marble is great for burial because you can mark the person’s information through engraving. What is more, these urns are buried without the expenses of an urn vault. (Make sure you confirm with the cemetery.)


Small details of the deceased can be engraved on the urn that might give it a more personal touch. You can have a name and even artwork etched on the urn.

You must remember there are other ways to show the spirit of the departed. Choose an urn in their favorite color. Or, choose an urn that can hold a photo. Finally, the urn could even have a theme such as flowers, sports, lighthouses, motorcycles. 

Choosing a cremation urn is a tough task and we understand that. In case you have questions about the cremation process, or about cremation California, contact us and our skilled cremation experts will guide you through this challenging time. We’ve created this 5-minute cremation urn guide to help you choose a cremation urn that suits your needs.

How Do You Want To Use The Cremation Urn? 

Some key things you should keep in mind while shopping for urns. 

  1. Do you want to display it at home?
  2. Are you planning internment in a niche? Your options for urns are limited if you choose to keep the cremains in a niche. 
  3. Do you want a ground burial for the cremains?- Any urn can fit in the ground at a gravesite. . The choice of the biodegradable urn is also there when it comes to burying an urn in a cemetery. 
  4. You don’t have to worry about spraying ashes everywhere if you choose a biodegradable urn for scattering in the ocean. 
  5. Do you need temporary storage or have to travel with the urn? If you travel by air with cremains, you need to pass the urn through security. For this purpose, it recommended that you choose fabric cremation urns, which are screenable plastic and have a silk fabric, and come in many colors. This will put elegance in your loved one’s remains when you travel. You can also invest in wood urns which will pass through TSA security screenings 
  6. Do you want to share cremains among relatives?  For this, you should invest in keepsake urns. It will make the process of dividing cremains among relatives easier. Standard-sized cremation urn designs are there for the keepsake urns so that families get to keep the ashes and get keepsakes for family or friends who want to remember the departed with their ashes. 

If you are looking for the best Cremation in California, please feel free to contact us by dialing 877-938-0672  or visiting our website www.adirectcremation.com/contact-us and we will help you through the entire cremation process. 

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