How to Check If Your Desired .nl Domain Is Available or Not?


Every website owns a domain address that enables Internet users to locate them. There exists a diverse range of domain names. The .nl domain name is considered the prevalent and highly valuable country-code top-level domain name. It is extremely profitable for website owners who are seeking to advance their online businesses in Netherlands country or draw the local public of the country. However, before you become capable to do the preferred .nl domain registration, you are required to check its availability on the Internet. Via this guide, we have rendered the insights into how you can confirm the availability of your preferred domain name. We have also highlighted what you can do when your chosen .nl name is not available at any particular time.

Only in Just 3 Steps, You Can Check The Availability of a Domain .nl

Below-mentioned listed are the effective steps you can follow to check whether your decided .nl domain name for your Netherlands website is available or not. Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them!

Step1: Open The Domain Search Box

In the first step, you have to visit the homepage of your domain registrar. You need to then enter your preferred domain .nl name in the search box displayed. There are usually different options for those who are just beginning from the ones who own operational enterprises with brand names.

Step 2: Type in The .nl Domain Name You Desire

Once you open up the domain search box, you can type in the .nl for your website into the search box. In a few seconds, you will acquire the results on the same page. This will facilitate you to become aware of whether your preferred domain is available or someone has already taken it. With some domain registrars’ websites, you will also get information about the price, available schemes or offers, and alternate extensions regarding the entered .nl domain.

Step 3: Make The Online Purchase

After acquiring the availability of your desired domain name, you can make the decision to add the domain name to your cart in order to make the purchase online. Once the purchase gets confirmed the .nl Domain Name you have chosen become all yours and you can employ it as the address of your website, email address, or both. Moreover, when you attain domain registration for both the website and email address, it provides a highly professional representation of your brand.

What You Can Do if Your First Choice of The .nl Domain is Not Available?

There can be a situation when your preferred .nl domain name is not available when you type it in the search box. This basically implies that the domain name you have chosen has already been registered by some other party. In this case, you should go to the hyperlink generally displayed as “Here’s what you do”. This will open up a new dialogue box that provides you a way to get to contact the existing owner of your preferred domain name.

It connects with the owner on your behalf to check whether the .nl domain name is available or not. This is the service for you which can cost you charges & commissions. After knowing the cost pricing, you can decide if you wish to continue to employ the service.

On the other hand, you can also discover the suggestions on the same page, which are displayed with available alternate extensions and the price quoted. Thus, you have two options. The first option is to pick the domain name with an alternate extension. The second is you can choose to go for a new domain name and confirm its availability.


The .nl domain name is the most compelling option for any website. It enables you to establish your web business in Netherlands and gain the trust of the company’s local people. With the .nl domain registration, your website gains high value, great integrity, robust security, credibility, and maximum business profitability. By exploring this guide comprehensively, you must have recognized the procedure to know the availability of your chosen .nl domain.

Further, it is essential for you to pick the .nldomain that reflects the true identity of your brand and can be easily remembered by your target audience. This also helps you strengthen the marketing strategies of your brand.

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